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Balfluig Castle
Balfluig Castle
R. O. Farquharson Esq. Haughton House, Alford
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Gillan Parish Minister, Alford
Revd. [Reverend] Hugh McConnach Parish Registrar etc. Alford
062 This name applies to an old fortalico situated a little South-east of the village of Alford, supposed to be upwards of 300 years of age, and at present, is but partially in ruins. Near it at one time there was another and similar fortalico, but all traces of it have gone and the the site cannot be identified or shown by any person now living in the locality. "Tradition says that anciently the castles belonged to two proprietors, and was in such close juxtaposition that the owners in fits of jealousy used to fire at each other from their high castle walls, the story adding that the one Killing the other, the survivor died miserable." The tenant of the dwelling house attached, uses the lower portions of the Castle for stores etc. Property of R.O. Farquharson Esq. of Haughton House.

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County of Aberdeen Parish of Alford

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