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Site of the BATTLE OF ALFORD (Site of)
The Battle of Alford
Rev Dr [Reverend Doctor] Gillan
Mr Farquharson
Dr [Doctor] Gairn
Rev [Reverend] Mr Connach
Mr Minto
062 The site of this battle-field is now mostly planted with fir. Its position on the tracings was taken from an old plan in the possession of Dr [Doctor] Garden, compiled in the eighteenth century. The contest took place in the year 1645, between the Covenanter generals Baillie and Turrey, and the Earl of Montrose. The following account of the battle is taken from a book entitled "A Description of Alford Valley Railway ", which, after describing a few minor sKirmishes, goes on to say: - " Both armies now came to close quarters, and fought face to face and man to man, with great obstinacy for some time, without either party receding from the ground they occupied. At length Sir Nathaniel Gordon, growing impatient at such a protracted resistance, resolved to cut his way thru' the enemy left wing, consisting of Lord Balcarras' regiment of horse; and calling to the eight musKeteers [? be] hind his horse, he ordered them to throw aside their musKets, which were now unnecessary, [and] to attack the enemy’s horse with their drawn swords. This order was immediately obeyed and in a short time they cut a passage through the ranKs of the enemy whom they hewed down with great slaughter. When the horse which composed Baillie’s right wing, and which had been Kept in checK by Lord Aboyne, perceived that their left had given away, they also retreated. An attempt was made by the covenanting general to rally his left wing by bringing up his right, after it had retired, to its support, but they were so alarmed at the spectacle or Meleé which they had just witnessed on the left where their comrades had been cut down by the broadswords of Montrose’s MusKeteers, that they could not be induced to taKe the place of their retiring friends. **** A hot pursuit tooK place, and so great was the slaughter that very few of them escaped. **** Thus ended one of the best contested battles which Montrose had yet fought; yet, strange as the fact may appear, his loss was, as usual, extremely trifling”

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