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ROUNDABOUT [Site of Fort] Roundabout
Roundabout Roundabout Roundabout
Revd. [Reverend] J. Gillan
Revd. [Reverend] H. McConnach
R. O. Farquharson Esq
Mr. Minto
New Statistical Account
062 This name applies to the site of a small circular camp or fort which is situated close to the parish church. The Authorities suppose it to have erected either by the Danes or Ancient Britons, but are inclined to attribute its erection to the latter from its outline of formations. No remains of it are now existing; the ground having been levelled and cultivated, but the outline of it can still be traced, as there is a small hollow where the ditch around it was before the present proprietor filled it up who when doing so, found a heap of ashes near the centre of the fort probably where a fire had been for cooking purposes.

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