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HOWE OF ALFORD Howe of Alford
Howe of Alford
Howe of Alford
Howe of Alford
How of Alford
How of Alford
The How
Revd [Reverend] J. Gillan
Revd. [Reverend] H McConnach
Dr. [Doctor] Garden
Mr. Minto
New Statistical Account
Fullerton's Gazetteer of Scot. [Scotland]
New Statistical Account.
062.; 063. "A small district nearly in the centre of Aberdeenshire, well defined by natural limits. The How, properly so called includes three other parishes and is in the form of a trapezium 10 miles long from east to west and 8 mile broad at the east end, and 6 at the west. It is bounded on the east by the mountains Benochie Cairnwilliam, and Minoway or Menoway; on the south by the Mountain Correny or Correnie and a series of low hills, which form the south part of the parish of Alford; on the west by the mountain Cuilleva or Callievar, and on the north by a ridge of mountains named Coreen. These mountains all rise above the limits of Cultivation and give a peculiarly sheltered aspect to the Vale. They are scarcely continuous at any part with other mountain ranges but spring up round the Vale from the tableland. Their tops are rounded with the exception of those of Benochie which are finely Serrated:" Extract from New Statistical Account of Aberdeenshire.

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Co. [County] of Aberdeen Ph. [ Parish] of Alford

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