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OSO [Ordnance Survey Office] Aberdeen
20th Novr [November] 1866

Captain Parsons.
I find that a Stream which
Divides the Parishes of Alford
and Tullynessle & Forbes is written
by Captn [Captain] Pratt, "Dool's Burn (Alford)
While I am inclined to adopt
the orthography as "Dughall"
in the Parish of Tullynessle.
my reason for this latter way
of spelling it, is that Dughall
is the Gaelic word from which
the Burn takes its name, (a
highwayman of that name
having given it): Captn [Captain] Pratt
has adopted the pronunciation
of the name only, so far as I
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[Right column]

Capt [Captain] Courtney

It is considered
that Dughall is the
preferable mode of spelling
this word but it will
be necessary to be supported
by proper authority in
your name books.
If you will let me know
that your mode of spelling
is supported, and return me
this note as authority I will
have the Plans of Alford
altered. R. M. Parsons
Cap R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]
26 Nov [November] 1866

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