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MACBETH'S WELL Macbeth's Well
Macbeth's Well
Macbeth's Well
Mr John Muggauch, Land Steward, Aboyne Castle
Mr Joseph Grant Aboyne.
Mr R. Mill, Game Keeper, Aboyne Castle
082 Situated on the east side of Mortlich, Tradition says that Macbeth, when passing from the Grampians to Lumphanan, shortly before he met with his death, sat down by this Well and refreshed himself, hence the name, {Write in stump it is simply a Mountain spring with the foregoing tradition to account for the name.
Bloody Burn
Bloody Burn
Bleedy Burn
Bleedie Burn
William Milne Esq. Factor
Mr John Muggauch
Mr Joseph Grant
New Stat [Statistical] Account
Legends of the Braes O' Mar
082 A small stream rising on the south side of Mortlich. After a course of about a mile and a quarter, in a south western direction, joins the Tarland Burn a Mile west of Aboyne Castle, tradition has it that this stream for a day ran Water coloured with the blood of the routed Danes who made a stand on "Mortlich" while retreating from the battle of Culblean in the Parish of Tullich.

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