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PICTISH CAMP (Remains of) [Tilphoudie] Pictish Camp (Remains of)
Pictish Camp (Remains of)
Pictish Camp (Remains of)
Pictish Camp (Remains of)
Mr John Birse Tilfoudie
Mr John Muggauch
Mr Francis Kemp
James Ogg Esq.
082 A small circular Camp formed from the stones which are so plentiful in the neghbourhood, it can never have been strong as it has no mark of a Fosse, within it is a small Cairn, the New Stat [Statistical] Account has it that an ancient Road branched from here towards the Dee, however it is not on the ground neither does anyone appear now to know anything about it.

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County of Aberdeen Parish of Aboyne

Moss-Side [Crossed out] See page 23
Macbeth's Well [Crossed out] already described

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