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CAMP (Remains of) [Mortlich] Camp
Mr J. Muggauch
Mr R. Milne, Game Keeper.
Mr J. Grant.
James Ogg Esq.
082 Situated on the Summit of Mortlich. Tradition Says that it was a Station or outpost held by the Danes against Malcolm II King of The Scots. A few loose stones in a circular form, apparently the remains of a dike, are all that now remains to show that a camp had been here,
William Milne Esq.
Mr J. Muggauch.
Mr J. Grant.
James Ogg Banker.
New Stat. [Statistical] Account
082 A conical hill of considerable height, situated within the parishes of Aboyne and Coull. Property of the Marquis of Huntly and Lord Aberdeen.

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Aberdeenshire Parish of Aboyne

Should this be in G. [German] Text or
Old English. I think in Old English for Malcolm II reign
in [1004]

The New Stat. [Statistical] Account leans to the idea that this was simply a place of Shelter for the inhabitants Cattle during the foray of any hostile Clan; and its natural position is favourable for such a purpose. the "Legends of the Braes O'Mar" has it that the Danes when retreating from "Culblean" made a stand here & were again routed by Malcolm Clanmore.

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