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Trinity Free Church
Trinity Free Church
Rev. [Reverend] D. Simpson
Mr. A. Finnie Kids Lane
Post Office Directory
075 A plain stone building Capable of accommodating 900 of a
congregation, situated in Crown St. the minister is the Rev. [Reverend] D. Simpson
ST NICHOLAS POORHOUSE St. Nicholas Poorhouse
St. Nicholas Poorhouse
St. Nicholas Poorhouse
St. Nicholas Poorhouse
Dr [Doctor] G. Sutherland
Mr. G. Milne. Governor
Post Office Directory 1866-1867
Courage's Brief Annals of Aber: [Aberdeen]
075 appropriated for that purpose. At the back of the building there is a chapel or dining hall, forming a division between the sexes, and conveniently situated for each. At the farther end of the chapel, conveniently situated for the dining room, is the kitchen. To the back is the portion appropriated for the dissolute men; they have the same accommodation as the aged men, except that their day room is so designed that a portion of it may be used as a workroom. The female side of the house is arranged similar to that of the males, with a slight difference in the upper floor. Mr George Milne is Governor. ------

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