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SKATE'S NOSE Skate's Nose
Skate's Nose
Skate's Nose
Mr. Alexander Gould
Mr. William Smith
Mr. John Davidson
075 This name applies to a Jetty or prjection on the east end of the South Pier the name appers to be well known
SOUTH PIER [Aberdeen] South Pier
South Pier
South Pier
Mr. Alexander Gould, Pilot Master
Mr. William Smith, Pilot
Mr. John Davidson, Pilot
075 In 1607 the erection of the pier on the South Side of the Channel, opposite to the Sandness was begun. It was constructed of stones without cement, and of large stakes of timber, and the work was, in a great measure performed by the inhabitants, who, in person discharged no small part of the labour, The were cheered in their task by the bagpipe and drum. It seems to have been completed in 1610. and to have increased the security of the port. Towards the end of the century it was repaired, and a timber head constructed upon its Eastern extremity This was renewed about 1707 by part of the wreck of the Levant galley of Amsterdam, lost at the Black Dog. and was not taken down before 1810 - when this present strong and permanent stone pier was constructed.

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