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Site of ST PETER'S HOSPITAL St Peter's Hospital
St Peter's Hospital
St Peter's Hospital
Mr. James Clark
Mr. Gavin Turriff
Kennedy's Annals of Aberdeen
075 This hospital, which was situated a little beyond the south precincts of the city, was founded by Matthew
Kyninmunde, bishop of Aberdeen in the reign of King William the Lion. It was dedicated to "Saint Peter, the Chief of the apostles," and designed for the reception and support of indigent and infirm persons, who might resort to it. Besides these Charitable purposes, the institution was intended for celebrating masses in it for the soul of King William, and of his ancestors and successors, as well as for the soul of the founder, according to the Custom of the age. By the charter of foundation, Bishop Kyninmunde granted and assigned, as a provision to the institution, the lands of Ardschilly, Petenderlyn, Carnaherde, and Ardonachyn, with the lands surrounding the hospital, now distinguished by the name of Spital; and also the tenth of the *can of the escheals, and other fines payable to the bishop; of the tenth of corn and malt, of fish and of flesh, and of other articles, which were usually appropriated to the episcopal table. Kennedy's Annals of Aberdeen -----------
*Can, Cain, Canum, Signify the duty, Custom, or tribute, which was paid to the superior. It was a celtic due, in ancient times, and seems to have been payable on the products of hunting, and agriculture, of domestic Animals, as well as from the profits of traffic and shipping. --- Chalmers' Caledonia Vol. [Volume] 1. P.[page] 446. 747.)

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In line 10 of the description, Spital was originally spelled with two ts; one of them has been scored out.

In line 11, after the word "can" there is a symbol which looks like a sun. The same symbol appears at the end of the description, before a later entry in what appears a modern hand. I have transcribed them with asterisks.

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