List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
FIDLER'S WELL Fidler's Well
Fidler's Well
Fidler's Well
Alexander Fidler
Mr. J Begg
Mr. Alexander Hay. Orchard House
Mr. William Stephen. Orchard Cottage
Name on stone at Well.
075 A good spring well so Called for Alexander Fidler, who erected this a [and] other wells, of the same name, in a [and] about the Town.
LADY MILL (Corn) Lady Mill (Corn)
Lady Mill (Corn)
Lady Mill (Corn)
P.O. [Post Office] Directory 1860-61
Name on building
Mr. J. Begg. (Sacrist)
075 A good corn mill Known by this name. with dwelling house store houses. offices yard, gardeen etc attac [attached] the machinery in Mill is propelled by steam & water power ---

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