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WELL OF SPA (A.D. 1615) Well of Spa
Well of Spa
Well of Spa
Well of Spa
Well of Spa
Mr. Shaw Belmont St.
Gibb's of Map of Aberdeen. 1862.
Name inscribed on Well
Kennedy's Annals of Aberdeen
Courage's Brief Survey 1856
075 The spring rises at the foot of the slope of the Woolmanhill where the infirmary and its garden are situated. The water flows abundantly, is impregnated with iron ore and vitriol, and has been long celebrated for its medicinal qualities in nephritic disorders, or in obstructions. About the Year 1615, the spring, over which a building, ornamented with the portraits of six of the apostles, had stood during many years, attracted the attention of Dr. [Doctor] William Barclay, at that time an eminent physician. He analysed the water, and having discovered its qualities and virtues, published a treatise upon it under the title of "Callirhoe, commonly called the well of spa, or the nymph of Aberdeen". The building having fallen into decay, was afterwards repaired by George Jameson, the celebrated painter, who appears to have been subject to a nephritic complaint. The well was in high repute among the inhabitants, on account of its medicinal virtues, and frequently resorted to for relief in disorders of that nature. About the middle of the sixteenth century and extraordinary overflowing of the Den Burn which

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