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By regulations issued under the Local Government (Scotland) Act,
1889, the Board of Supervision requires all Medical Officers of
Districts of counties to prepare an annual Report and to transmit
copies thereof to the Board and to the County Council. Under
eight headings these Reports practically cover the whole field of
sanitary work as carried on in the Districts. In addition, the Board
recommends that another Report, referring to each county as a
whole, be prepared and sent to the same authorities at a later
date, the County Report being based to some extent on the Dis-
trict reports. This arrangement appears to have contemplated
the possibility of the County Medical Officer not being at the same
time Medical Officer for the Districts. But in the County of
Stirling, as usually elsewhere in Scotland, the same Officer acts in
both capacities. That being so, it seems convenient that County
and District Reports should appear together, and that the former
should embrace such questions as are more or less common to all
the Districts, while the District Reports should treat of matters
having a more local bearing. In the Table of Contents the items
are arranged under the eight sub-divisions laid down by the Board
of Supervision.

GLASGOW, April, 1892.

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