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Eddleston in the North, Tweedsmuir in the South, and
Walkerburn and Traquair towards the Eastern portion
of the County.
The sanitary state of the County will compare
favourably with any other in Scotland, but, as in all
Counties, there are many conditions calling for remedy.
The village of WEST LINTON has for long been a
Special Water District, and it has a plentiful supply.
Regarding the quality of this water I have not as yet
been able to satisfy myself. It was certainly until
a few months ago extremely liable to be fouled, but,
owing to the energetic action of Mr. Anderson, the
County Sanitary Inspector, one of these likely causes
of pollution has been removed. The village has no
drainage system. Water-closets are in some houses,
and they drain to the Lyne Water. Other houses
have dry closets. Some have no conveniences.
BROUGHTON VILLAGE has a population of about
60. Its water supply is by gravitation from the
surrounding high ground. Nine of the 16 houses
have closet accommodation, the others have none.
Any scavenging is done by the roadman in the
ordinary course of his work on the road.
CALZEAT is an adjoining village with population
of 50, and most of its water supply is by pump
wells. Its closets and scavenging arrangements are
like those of Broughton.

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The village of SKIRLING has a population of over
100. Its houses are built on three sides of the
village 'green,' where is situated the village pump
supplying all the inhabitants with the exception of
a few at one end, who get their supply from a spring.
A few of the houses have closet accommodation in
the gardens, each household doing its own scavenging.
The small village of DRUMELZIER, one of the most
picturesquely situated spots in the County, is in a
very insanitary state, and is to receive immediate
attention. Its water supply is from Powsail Burn.
Its closet accommodation is nil.
EDDLESTON, five miles north of the town of Peebles,
is composed largely of small houses, which get their
water supply from Darnhall Policies by a pipe laid
to the village. There are altogether over 20 houses
(with a population under 100), six of which have
closets. There is no system of scavenging.
The few houses of TRAQUAIR (12) get their water
from a pump well fed by surface water, and therefore
liable to pollution.
The village of WALKERBURN is a prosperous place
with 1300 inhabitants, but a few of its houses are
over-crowded. Its water supply is by gravitation,
which is furnished from Walker Burn and Kirna
Burn through private enterprise. Dry-closets are
the rule, although the better houses have water-

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