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and part of the Parish of Dalmeny, and the Royal
Burgh of Queensferry. The water is from the
Morton Burn, Parish of Kirknewton, Mid-Lothian.
The village of Grangepans is supplied from the
Special Water District of the Burgh of Bo'ness at
6d. per 1000 gallons.
The villages of the Linlithgow Oil Company,
with a population of 1500, have their supply
pumped from a quarry. This supply is quite
inadequate, and an impounding reservoir, sufficient
for a month's supply, is much needed at once, for,
if anything goes wrong with the pumping gear,
the villages shall be totally unprovided for.
A portion of the Parish of Carriden is at present
supplied from the Bo'ness works, the gathering
ground of which is in the neighbourhood of

Amalgamation and Extension of Kirkliston and Dalmeny Water Districts.
The villages of Winchburgh, Westerton, and
Niddry, each with a population of about 500, are
greatly in need of water. To two of these places
the owners of the houses - Young's Paraffin Oil
Company - contemplated laying a pipe from the
Kirkliston and Dalmeny works. This might have
been accomplished, but that consideration was
given to the fact that other districts would in
the near future be in want, and this led to a
scheme being proposed by the District Committee
to amalgamate Kirkliston and Dalmeny, hitherto
paying different rates, and to extend the Water
District so as to include the whole of the Parish
of Dalmeny and the whole of that part of the

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Parish of Kirkliston situate in Linlithgowshire,
and in which lie Niddry and Westerton. On
the Committee passing a resolution for exten-
sion, it was forthwith advertised; but appeals to
the Sheriff were intimated by the North British
Railway Company, the Forth Bridge Railway Com-
pany, and by Mr. Hog, of Newliston. The Sheriff-
Substitute, on hearing evidence, has sustained the
appeals. The Committee has still the power to
appeal to the Sheriff-Principal; but if his decision
is against them, they will, no doubt, consider some
other way of carrying out a pressing need.
The village of Philpstoun (population 500) has
been badly off for water; but a supply is being
now brought in by the Oil Company there.
The village of Linlithgow Bridge (population
1000) is supplied from pump wells, very liable
to pollution. Neither Bo'ness nor Linlithgow are
prepared to serve them, and so a Committee has
been empowered to report upon the best method
for their relief.

Water Supply of Bathgate District.
There are already in existence the East Whitburn
Special Water District, getting its water from
the Police Burgh of Whitburn; the Uphall Water
District and the Broxburn Water District, both
supplied from the West Binny reservoir, which
on the two occasions I visited it last summer
was almost dry, and the filters unmanageable, the
town of Broxburn being compelled to use water
pumped from a mine where men were at work

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