I beg respectfully to submit my annual report
as Medical Officer of Health for the County of Argyll for the
year ending December 31st, 1891.

1. The Returns of the Registrars in the seven Districts
of the County give a total of 1028 births, and 911 deaths.
This is equal to a birth rate of 19·65, and a death rate of
17·41 per 1000 of the population. The cause of death was not
certified in 247 cases out of the 911 deaths. No reliable con-
clusion can therefore be drawn from the Registrar's Returns
as to the prevalence of any particular disease in the County
as a cause of death. During the year I sent schedules to
medical practitioners in the County in order to get the num-
ber of cases of preventible diseases met with in their practice.
I received information on this subject from every medical
officer in the County except two. I also received valuable
assistance and information in this matter from private medical
practitioners in all parts of the County. The appended tables
pp. 18-22 give the number of cases of preventible diseases re-
ported to me in the County as a whole, and in each District
separately, to the end of the year. It will be seen that influ-
enza was the most prevalent disease in the County during the
past year, bronchitis being the next; dyspepsia, diarrhoea,
quinsy and sore throat, rheumatism, heart disease, consump-
tion, pneumonia, follow in order. Of the ordinary infectious
diseases the following was the order of prevalence:- measles,
whooping cough, scarlet fever, chickenpox, typhus fever,
typhoid fever, diphtheria.

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