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the houses have no sufficient area of ground attached to them, the
Local Authority should arrange for the removal of domestic refuse
and the contents of ashpits. A week is the longest period that
refuse should be allowed to accumulate in the neighbourhood of
dwellings. Where large masses exist, the evolution of deleterious
gases takes place, and when the heaps are disturbed in the process
of removal, sickening odours are emitted. In towns where the
refuse has to be kept within the houses, removal should be effected
daily. The practice of contracting with farmers for the removal of
refuse is unsatisfactory, the work being frequently very inefficiently
and irregularly performed. Local Authorities should themselves
undertake the duty."

"Where water-closets are not in use the Local Authority ought
also to undertake the removal of the contents of privies and earth-
closets. A week is the longest period that excreta can remain in
the vicinity of dwellings without nuisance, unless it is mixed with
dry earth or other deodorant. Where an efficient system of sewerage
and water supply exists, and the houses are provided with water-
closets, the Local Authority may properly discourage the use of
privies by throwing on the householders the burden of cleansing
them and removing their contents. Public privies and water-closets
must in all cases be attended to by the Local Authority. In towns
where the water supply and sewerage system is complete, public
water-closets are frequently constructed on the trough system,
flushing being periodically effected by automatic means, or by the
servants of the Local Authority."

(c.) "A Summary of his Proceedings during the year,
and of the cases in which he has given advice or
taken action."

The most of the County has been generally inspected by myself,
and the Districts of Dundee, Forfar, and Arbroath by my Assistants,
the District of Brechin having been examined by the District
Inspector. Advice has been given on several occasions as to water
supplies and drainage, which has in all cases been accepted.

(d.) "An account of the Sanitary Condition of all premises
belonging to or under the control of the County Council,
and of the condition and efficiency of all Water
Supply and Drainage Works constructed under the
Public Health Acts within the County."

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The premises belonging to, or under the control of the County
Council are in a fair condition, unless a few police offices. These
are being gradually improved under the directions of the Joint
Committee of the County.

Drainage Works have been constructed under the Public Health
Acts in the villages of Monifieth, Downfield, Edzell, and Southmuir,
Kirriemuir. Those in the two first-named villages are efficient and
in good condition. In Edzell and Southmuir the sewers, so far as
can be seen, are in good condition, but in consequence of the absence
of manholes or inspecting shafts, a proper examination cannot be
made. No ventilators are provided, consequently there is great
danger of the sewer gas being forced into the dwelling houses. A
sufficient number of manholes, and lampholes, or inspection shafts
should be introduced, having perforated cast-iron covers, to act as
ventilators as well as admit of the examination of the sewers, as the
sewers may be silted up without it being known to those in charge.
The village of Ferryden has several short drains, side channels,
and other improvements made under the Public Health Acts. These
are in good condition.

The villages of Ferryden, Edzell, and Southmuir, Kirriemuir,
have been provided with a supply of water. The works are generally
in an efficient condition. The water was slightly deficient during the
early part of last summer in the two former villages, and owing
to local causes is occasionally scarce in Southmuir. The defects
are being gradually remedied.

The villages of Monifieth and Downfield were provided with
an abundant and wholesome supply of water under the Acts. These
villages are now included within the compulsory Water Supply
Area of Dundee, and the pipes and other works will in future
be under the care and management of the Dundee Water Com-

(e.) "A Statement embodying the information contained in the
Reports which the Sanitary Inspectors of Districts or
parts of Districts are required to send to the County

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