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Tabular Statement of Mortality from Influenza occurring in the several Districts of the County.

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For the Year 1891.

To the Forfar County Council.

In terms of No. 12 Byelaw, which enacts that
"the Sanitary Inspector shall annually prepare a Report for the
year," I beg herewith to submit my first Annual Report, for the year
ended 31st December, 1891:-

(a) "A general account of the sanitary condition of the
County, and the execution of the Public Health Acts

The sanitary condition of the County is in some respects fair,
while in others there is room for improvement. Some of the
villages are abundantly supplied with good water and provided with
efficient systems of Sewerage Works. In other villages, the provision
for water is neither sufficient in quantity nor quality. The same
villages are without any proper system of drains. In none of the
villages or rural parts is there a systematic mode of cleansing of
ashpits, conveniences, or such like. Consequently, they are often in
a filthy state, and detrimental to the health of the inhabitants.

In the rural parts of the County, no provision has been made for
drainage, except from the better-class houses, or houses of recent
construction; hence all slops or other foul water are usually either
deposited in ashpits or thrown into roadside ditches, and become
nuisances. Where drains exist, they either discharge into streams
or ditches, or cesspools, and the liquid overflowing therefrom
generally finds its way to streams.

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