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£408.0.0 of Estimation on Shops @ 4d [£0.0.40] per £ £6.16.0
£293.0.0 of Estimation on Shops @ 8d £0.0.8] per £ £9.15
£17.0.0 of Estimation on Shops @ 1/- [£0.1.0] per £ is £0.17.0

I Daniel Ross Surveyor aforesaid do hereby Certify that upon Carefull Examination of the foregoing Rates and Duties they amount in whole to Eighteen pounds fourteen Shillings and Seven pence Sterling and I do make Oath that Nottices were left with the forging Inhabitants or at there Dwelling Houses, of the respective dates aforesaid that they were to be charged with Rates and Duties set against there Several Names.
At Dundee the 31st day of October 1787
Sworn before John Guild Baillie Daniel Ross Surveyor James Dick Collr [Collector]

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