Date Inhabitants names, residence, and parish Actual # of shops Shops at £5 to £9 Shops at £10 to £14 Shops at £15 to £19 Shops at £20 to £24 Shops at £25 to under £30 Shops at £30 and upwards Duty
West Kirk Parish
2 Feb 1787 John Young Perfumer N. [North] Street £5.0.0 £0.1.8

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Surcharge of the duties on Retail Shops In the Shire of
Edinburgh From the 5th April 1786 to 5th April 1787 By John Carruthers Genl [General] Surveyor

I John Carruthers General Surveyor aforesaid do hereby
[certify] that upon Carefull examination I find the duty in the above
[surch]arge amount to the sum of one Shilling and Eight pence
[and that] I delivered an exact duplicate thereof to George Cranston
[Collec]tor of the said duty for the Shire of Edinburgh, which Con-
-tained] my oath that a Nottice was left with the foregoing
[Inhab]itant, or at his dwelling house of the dates annexed to his
[name t]hat he is to be Surcharged with the said over and
[above] those already certified by the Surveyor of the District
John Carruthers G.S. [General Surveyor ]
Aprile 1787

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