Date Masters & mistresses names & designations Servants names Quality of servants Number of servants Bachelor servants One and two servants Three and four servants Five to seven servants Eight to ten servants Eleven or more servants Duty
5 Jul 1788 Dr [Doctor] Thomas Gillies 1 1 £1.5.0
Mr Gillies Senr [Senior] 1 1 £1.5.0
Mr John McGregor 1 1 £1.5.0
3 3 £3.15.0

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Brechin MALE SERVANTS TAX for the year ending
5 April 1789 by Daniel Ross Surv [Surveyor]
[Page] 15

I Daniel Ross Surveyor aforesaid do hereby certify that upon careful examination
I find the foregoing duties amount to the Sum of Three pounds fifteen Shillings
and that upon the day of 1788 I delivd [delivered] to Alexander Vallentyne Collr [Collector]
for the burgh aforesaid, an exact duplicate of this Accnt [Account] which contained my
oath that the preceding inhts [inhabitants] were duly Served with requisitions of the
date foresaid, and that they were charged according to their Several returns
to me in consequence thereof and from the best information I could
procure, of which the foregoing is an accurate and just State
David Ross Surveyor

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