Date Masters & mistresses names & designations Servants names Quality of servants Number of servants Bachelor servants One and two servants Three and four servants Five to seven servants Eight to ten servants Eleven or more servants Duty
Provost Phineas McIntosh of Drummin 1 2 £2.10.0
Provost William McIntosh of Belnloan 2 1 £1.5.0
Baillie John McIntosh Invss. [Inverness] 3 1 £1.5.0
Baillie Alexander Shaw Invss. [Inverness] 4 1 £1.5.0
Baillie James Shaw Invss. [Inverness] 5 1 £1.5.0
Baillie William Inglis Invss. [Inverness] 6 1 £1.5.0
Simon Fraser Esqr Sh. [Sheriff] Depute of Invss. [Inverness] Shire 7 2 £2.10.0
Mrs. McIntosh of Killachie 8 1 £1.5.0
George Beverly Vintr. [Vintner] 9 1 £1.5.0
John Ettles Vintr. [Vintner] 10 1 £1.5.0
Capt. [Captain] John Baillie of Dunain 11 2 £2.10.0
Mr Lachlan McGillivray of Georgia 12 1 1 £2.10.0
Totall men Servants in the Town of Inverness 12 1 15 £20.0.0
15 1 15 Exd [Examined]

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Abstract of the MALE SERVANTS TAX. in the Town of Inverness
from the 5th April 1787 to the 5 April 1788 by John Rose Surveyor

Proof of the Abstract
1 Batchelor Servant at £2.10.0 is £2.10.0
14 Married men Servants at £1.5.0 each is £17.10.0 £20.0.0

NB The above Sum is in Thomas Mann

I John Rose Survey [Surveyor] Aforsaid do hereby Certify that the Above sum of Twenty pounds Sterling And the [Sum]
of Eighty Eight pound Sterling contained on the preceding page is the full Amount of the Duty Arising [from]
Male Servants in the Town & Shire of Inverness According to the Returns made by the Different Gentle [men]
& my knowledge of what Servant they retained in their Service & the Same is Attested by me
John Rose Survr [Surveyor]

Male Sert [Servant] Tax in the Shire £88.0.0
Male Sert [Servant] Tax in the Town £20.0.0

Exd. [Examined]

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