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Date Masters & mistresses names & designations Servants names Quality of servants Number of servants Bachelor servants One and two servants Three and four servants Five to seven servants Eight to ten servants Eleven or more servants Duty
Cullicudden Parish
2 Sep 1787 George Gun Munro Pointsfield Alexander McIntosh House Sert [Servant] 1 1 £1.5.0
William Finlay Gardiner 1 1 £1.5.0
David Urquhart Esq James Bryson Postillion 1 1 £1.5.0
Callum McIntosh House Servt [Servant] 1 1 £1.5.0
Mrs Grant of Balimore Gardiner 1 1 £1.5.0
5 5 £6.5.0
Cromarty Town & Parish
24 Oct 1787 Capt [Captain] John McKenzie Postillion 1 1 £1.5.0
House Servt [Servant] 1 1 £1.5.0
2 2 £2.10.0
Parishes Collected
Cullicudden Parish 5 5 £6.5.0
Cromarty Town & Parish 2 2 £2.10.0
7 7 £8.15.0

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A Survey of the Rates & Duties on Male Servants Arisen in the Shire of Cromarty
from 5th April 1787 to 5th April 1788 By Hugh McFarquhar Surveyor


[Page] 43

7 Servants @ £1.5.0 each £8.15.0
£8.15.0 Total

I Hugh McFarquhar Surveyor Aforesaid do hereby certify, That upon carefull examination of the foregoing
Rates & Duties, I find they Amount to Eight pounds, fifteen shillings, And that upon the fourteenth
day of Dec [December] current I delivered to Mr Walter Ross Collector of said Duties for the Shire Aforesaid
an exact duplicate of the above duly examined & compared with the foregoing
which contained my Oath that the Above lists contained the number of servants kept or employed by these
different Masters or Mistresses According to the best of my Knowledge or information
Hugh McFarquhar Surveyor

Tain 22 Dec [December] 1787


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