Date Masters & mistresses names & designations Servants names Quality of servants Number of servants Bachelor servants One and two servants Three and four servants Five to seven servants Eight to ten servants Eleven or more servants Duty
8 May 1787 Gideon Gifford of Busta William Omond Gardener 1 1 £1.5.0
15 Oct 1787 John Bruce Stuart of Simbister James Johnson
Alexander Ramsay
Body Servant
2 2 £2.10.0
3 3 £3.15.0

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Shetlandshire [Page] 173

I John Henderson Surveyor do hereby Certify that upon carefull Examination of the foregoing Tax I find
it amounts in whole to Three pounds fifteen Shillings Sterling and that upon the -- I
delivered to Mr Henry Ross Collector of the said Tax for the Lordship of Shetland and exact Duplicate
of the above Account duly examined and Compared with the foregoing which contained my Oath that
notices were Left with the Several Inhabitants or at their Dwelling Houses of the dates annexed to
their Several Names --- John Henderson Surveyor

Lerwick 8th December 1787 Received from Mr John Henderson Surveyor aforesaid an exact
Duplicate of the above Account. By me Henry Ross Collr [Collector] of the Land Tax in Shetland

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