Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
It is to observed that in the old valuation book Creoch or Creos with which Little Barlockhart seems to have been joined, is stated at £236.4.8
Whereas they pay at present £176.0.0
and further that in the said book Craigock belonging to the Earl of Stair is included with Airuehemming and [Dalnegef] belonging to Sir John Hay at --- £378.13.4
out of which Sir John pays for Airriehemming and [Dalnegef] the sum of --£150.0.0
and for his farm of Craig which is not mentioned in said book ---100.00 250.00
which makes £250 of the £378.13.4 and upon what lands the deficiency of £38.18.0 [the other deficiency being somehow made up] will fall the official Committee or General Meeting may determine.
Excerpt from Minutes of Meeting of Corn missioners of Supply of Wigtownshire held at Wigtown Twenty Second February Seventeen hundred and ninety nine years.
"And the Meeting having attended to what is stated in the said General Report respecting the deficiency of Thirty eight pounds Eighteen shilling Scots in the united Parishes of Old and New Luce they approve of laying the said deficiency upon the lands of Craigoch belonging to the Earl of Stair
which do not appear to lie otherways valued, and declare that sum to be the valuation of these lands accordingly"
Geo McHattie [signed]
Penningham Co [continued]
Penningham Parish
The Earl of Galloway
His lands of Balsalloch, Grange of Cree, Polwhillie, Carsmestock, Carse of Clary, The Mains of Clary
comprehending the Garden of Clary , Mid park of Clary, Causewayend Croft, and Smiths Croft, The lands of Mains of Penningham and Crofts, The Glebe of Penningham,
Penningham park, and Lowdon hill, The lands of Baltersan, Over Barr, Nether Barr, Barwhirran, Barvennan, Barlanghlin, Barraer, The lands of Corvisel, Barbuchany, Barnkirk,
Clauchrum Skeath, Barskeoch, Little Eldrig, Meikle Eldrig, Glenvogie, Blackquarters, Garwauchy, Glassock, Beoch, Kirkcalla, Meikle Castle, Little Castle, The lands of Garchrew, Glenvernock, Glenluckoch, Ochiltree, [Glenrudder],
and Mill thereof, The lands of Kirkhobble, Knockville, and Glenhapples, The lands and Estate of Grange consisting of the farms of Grange, Barrachan, Bartrostan, High Threave, Low Threave, Kendie hill, Knockenthreave and Boatman's Croft,
The lands of Over and Nether Glasnocks and Killeal, The lands of Knockbrae, The lands of Temple Croft, The lands of Little Fintalloch [Fyntalloch]
called Waterside, being the whole property his Lordship has in this Parish at this date. Amount Five thousand four hundred and twenty five pounds five shillings and one penny Scots - - - £5425.5.1
William Douglas Esq. of Castle Douglas
His lands and Barony of Newton Douglas
comprehending Co [continued] over £5425.5.1
Geo McHattie [signed]

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[Page] 26
18. & 17
[Signed] George McHaffie

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