Proprietor and land Valuation
Leswalt Parish
The Earl of Cassills £909.0.0
The Sherriff for his lands £822.0.0
Galdenoch £273.0.0
Auchnill £272.0.0
Sheuchans Largmark & Johnstons Croft Robert Young & Gilbert Muirs Lands £294.0.0
Sheuchan for Chappell lands £206.0.0
Kirkland Boyd £109.0.0
Deduce of the rent of Challoch and Larbrax 100 marks for the miln which is now unprofitable So their remains £59.6.8
Summa £2944.6.8
Kircum Parish
The Earl of Galloway £1777.0.0
Cairebay £300.0.0
Kennedy of Craigoch £350.0.0
The Sherriffs Lands £646.0.0
The Earl of Cassills £522.0.0
Aires and Knockbrax £317.0.0
George Campbell for Barsalloch £101.0.0
Craigcaffie £72.0.0
Summa £48085.0.0

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Leswalt Parish

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Kircum Parish

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