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The Rooll off the Rentt off the sherifdome off fyffe mead and sett doune by the Commissioners vnder subscrayweing apoyntid for that effect by act off the esteats off Parliamentt off this kingdome, holdin att Edinbrugh the fourth off August 1649 [4 Aug 1649] which Commissioners heaueing mett one the nynteinth day off August last and heauing Juditiallie given thair oaths to vse thair best indevors for a right and treue informatione off the Rentts off the whooll shire; and to proceid faithfullie and impartiallie in prosecuting thair Commissione and instructions relaiting thairvnto which thay heaue cairfullie performid in everie poyntt; After serious and mature deliberatione they heaue mead and sett doune the Rooll following in Artikells according to the number off the severall Parisches within the said shire, and heaue cast vpe the soums according to the directione of the Parliamentt

[Signed] J S Bogie J.P. [Justice of the Peace] com [commissioner]
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