1691 Land 1691 Valued rent Dates of disjunction 1831 Lands 1831 Superiors 1831 Proprietors 1831 Valued rent
12 [Page] Bothkenar Parish (Continued)
Earl of Mar's Wheat 335.12.0 Jan. 25,1753 Walter Rankine of Orchard's part of Lord Erskine's feu duty John Ogilvie's representatives, and Henry Stainton 35.3.0
Thomas Bowie's part of Lord Erskine's feu duty for his Lands of Newton John Ogilvie's representatives, and Major Dundas 8.8.10
James Crawford's part of Lord Erskine's feu duty James Crawford,Falkirk 11.0.9
Mr Graham of Airth's part of Lord Erskine's feu duty Thomas Graham Stirling of Airth 16.17.7
James Kincaid for his Lands of Newton 7.14.5
of Newton 7.15.2
John Taylor's Lands of Newton 22.14.3
William Gerard, his part of Newton 39.1.1
Bailie Thomas Dundas' his part of Newton Major Dundas 39.1.1
Patrick Callander's part of Newton James Crawford and William Sharp 1.8.9
Lawrence Dundas Kerse's part of Newton Lord Dundas 8.7.7
James Dallas, his part of Newton Peter Bell, Falkirk 12.0.0
John Hardie for his Lands J. Hardie, and J. Stainton's heirs 16.18.4
John Hodge's heirs for his Lands 16.18.4
John Primrose for burnbrae 3.4.2
Alexander Watt his Lands James Crawford, Falkirk 5.10.1
A. Callander's heirs Westerton William Burn Callender of Westerton 21.2.0
James Simpson for his Lands 5.16.7
John Hamilton of Newton Lord Dundas 80.4.5
Campbell of Abbotshaugh for his Lands 15.6.8
Alexander Simpson of Stonehouse 220.0.0 Stonehouse Lord Dundas Henry Stainton, London 220.0.0
Gairloch 87.11.4 Gairloch Henry Stainton, London Henry Stainton, London 87.11.4
John Cowie 119.16.0 April 30, 1812 Mr Stainton's part of Mains John Hamilton Buchanan of Bardowie The Heirs of Joseph Stainton 40.0.0
Mr Hardie's part of Mains JohnHamilton Buchanan of Bardowie John Hardie of Mains, and John Nicol of Langdyke 79.16.0
Bothkenar Parish (Continued)
George Masterton 132.0.0 Dec. 6, 1798 Thomas Smith's part of George Masterton, now John Johnstone, Mains Lauchlan Smith, Bainsford Lauchlan Smith, Bainsford 5.17.0
Dec. 20, 1798 Four oxengates of Land, or thereby, of mains, South Auchintyre, and 13½ rigs, and a head rig called the Fauld, and 6 rigs and a head rig called North Auchintyre John Hamilton Buchanan of Bardowie John Nicol, Mains of Langdyke 52.19.6
The remainder of Mains belonging to John Johnstone's heirs Thomas Johnstone, Grahamston T. Johnstone, Grahamston 73.3.6
John Watt 40.0.0 Oct 2, 1775 The Lands in Bothkenar which belonged to John Watt Alexander Watt, Dunfermline Alexander Watt, Dunfermline 40.0.0
Alexander Callander 217.8.8 Westerton William Burn Callender, of Westerton Willliam Burn Callender of Westerton 217.8.8
Powfowlis 106.8.9 Aug. 16, 1771 Dalbeath, part of Bowie's part of Newton Lord Dundas Lord Dundas 35.9.4
Feb. 12, 1813 Coldkitchen, Mr Ogilvie's part J. Ogilvie's representatives J. Ogilvie's representatives 35.9.4
Mr Dundas' part of Newton J. Ogilvie's representatives Major Dundas of Carron Hall 35.9.4
Thomas Simpson, Lidsdale 22.6.0 Oct.2, 1775 Mr Dallas' part of Greendyke, formerly Thomas Simpson Supposed, Henry Stainton, London Henry Stainton, London 22.6.0
James Simpson, Straiton Hall 20.0.0 Sept. 12. 1774 ¼ of the 2 oxgates, and ¾ of 1 oxgate of the Lands of Greendyke, reserving to John Simpson's heirs the principal house and barnyard Supposed, Henry Stainton Henry Stainton, London 20.0.0
John Callander 133.19.0 North Newton Peter Bell, Falkirk Peter Bell, Falkirk 133.19.0
Total valuation of Bothkenar Parish, 1691 3533.15.3¼ Note:- Increase upon New Roll of 9¾d [pennies] accounted for as above } Toatal valuation of Bothkenar Parish, 1831 3533.16.0

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Note:- Earl of Mar's Wheat' forms part of certain feu-duties or crown rents, payable in grain, and belonging to the Lordship of Stirling, which were the subject of a Royal grant at an early period to the family of Mar. Almost all the proprietors of the lands out of which those feu duties were payable, have purchased this burden from the Mar family, but it has not been found practicable, in some few instances, to identify the names in this disjunction with the present proprietors. Lord Dundas has long been in the practice of paying the cess for the whole, and it is believed, that even such proprietors as have purchased the feu-duty from Mar, still continue to make some yearly payment to Lord Dundas. It is doubtful whether his Lordship is superior of the whole, or if such of the proprietors as have acquired right to the crown rents, have thereby also become the crown vassals, and are entitled to have the sums contained in this disjunction, added to the valued rent of the respective lands of which they themselves claim the superiority.

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Red writing underneath James Simpson, Straiton Hall...........................Crown Charter to John Callender White Town 1729. Holden Feu £20 Scots

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