1691 Land 1691 Valued rent Dates of disjunction 1831 Lands 1831 Superiors 1831 Proprietors 1831 Valued rent
Bankier £98.0.2 30, April 1814. Bankier, William Stirling Henry Monteith of Carstairs __ Stirling, Craighead £32.13.6
Bankier, Miss Lennox and Mrs Kincaid Henry Monteith of Carstairs John Lenox Kincaid £33.11.2
Bankier, W. Stirling of Castlehill Henry Monteith of Carstairs William Stirling of Castlehill £10.17.8
Bankier, John Wylie Henry Monteith of Carstairs John Wylie and Andrew Wylie Bankier £10.0.0
Bankier, William Robertson Henry Monteith of Carstairs William Robertson £10.17.8
NOTE.- 2d. [pennies] lost on this disjunction.
The Laird of Balvie £7.0.0 Balvie Meadow Sir James Colquhoun of Luss, Bart [Baronet] James Glassford of Dougalston £7.0.0
Bankell £106.2.0 Bankell James Glassford of Dougalston James Glassford of Dougalston £106.2.0
Total valuation of Baldernock Parish, 1691 £1744.17.6 NOTE.- Decrease upon New Roll of 2d., [pennies] accounted for as above. Total valuation of Baldernock Parish, 1831. £1744.17.4
The Lord Napier £219.0.10 12, Oct. [October] 1739. Ballochairn Robert Dunmore Napier of Ballikinrain Robert Dunmore Napier £109.10.5
3, April 1799. Edinbelly, 1/3 John Ferrier Hamilton of West Port Robert Dunmore Napier £36.10.1
Edinbelly, 2/3 John Ferrier Hamilton of West Port William Key of Wright's Park £73.0.4
Mr James Buchanan of Craminnan £252.6.7 29, July 1740 Hollandows and Halton, part of Meikle Camoquhill W.C.C. Graham of Gartmore Angus Campbell £34.6.0
Rinians, part of Meikle Camoquhill W.C.C. Graham of Gartmore James Neilson £12.7.4
22, Feb. [February] 1799. Cremanan W.C.C. Graham of Gartmore W.C.C. Graham of Gartmore £159.13.3
Gaisland and Glenfoot Buchanan Leckie of Broich Ebenezer Bow, M. Meiklewham, and Hugh MacLachlan £46.0.0
The Laird of Houston £93.8.7 1, June 1779. Houston Glins or Provanston Archibald Speirs of Elderslie A. Graham Speirs of Culcreuch £93.8.7
This should be in fact £97 6s. [shillings] 11d. [pennies] as disjoined 28th July, 1715. But in a disjunction of Mr Speirs' lands, in Fintry parish, 1st June, 1779, it is added to his valuation in that parish, and only held by the record to be £93 8s. [shillings] 7d., [pennies] for which reason it is here stated at that sum, although in the roll 1802, and in the Collector's Books from 1746, it is entered as £97 4s. [shillings] 11d. [pennies]
Branshogle Glinns £311.19.0 5, June 1781. Nether Glins Robert Warden of Parkhill J. Cunningham Leny of Gartocharn £155.19.7 1/2
Over Glins, including the Parks next Balgair Robert Warden of Parkhill A.G. Speirs of Culreuch £155.19.7 1/2
Upon this disjunction the valuation is increased 3d., [pennies] as as stated in Roll 1802, 4d. [pennies]
Alexander Colquhoun of Glinns £328.11.4 24, Aug. [August] 1787 Colquhoun Glins 4/5 parts of Alexander Graham Spiers A.G. Speirs of Culcreuch £262.17.1
Colquhoun Glins 1/5 parts of Alexander Graham Spiers H.F. Campbell of Boquhan £65.14.3
James Galbraith of Balgair £314.1.0 Balgair Richard Galbraith Richard Galbraith £314.1.0
James and Patrick Neilson £35.10.2 Camoquhill __ Douglas of Mains Patrick Neilson, William Zuill, and Janet Morrison's Trustees £35.10.1
In Roll 1802, stated £35 10s. [shillings] 11d. [pennies]
John Blair £40.5.8 Meikle Camoquhill Lord Duncan William Bow and Rev. [Reverend] John Graham £40.5.8
John Cunningham of Badendalloch £473.0.4 Balindalloch Samuel Cooper of Balindalloch Samuel Cooper, the Trustees of Janet Morrison, Thomas Dunmore, James Finlay & Co., Alexander Fairlie, Thomas Ure, and other small Proprietors £473.0.4
Galbraith Spittall £16.2.8 Galbraith Spittall Robert Hill, W.S. [Writer to the Signet] Samuel Cooper and William Fairlie £16.2.8
No disjunction of this appears in the record, but from 1746, it appears in the Collector's Books, John Bachop's part £8 2s. [shillings] 2d.; [pennies] Bandalloch's part, £8.
Total valuation of Balfron Parish 1691 £2084.6.2 NOTE- Increase upon New Roll of 3d., [pennies] accounted for as above. Total valuation of Balfron Parish, 1831 £2084.6.5

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