1691 Land 1691 Valued rent Dates of disjunction 1831 Lands 1831 Superiors 1831 Proprietors 1831 Valued rent
PARISHES. 1691. 1831.
AIRTH £8637.1.5 £8638.10.6
ALVA £2032.0.4 £2032.0.4
BALDERNOCK £1744.17.6 £1744.17.4
BALFRON £2084.6.2 £2084.6.5
BOTHKENAR £3533.15.3¼ £3533.16.0
BUCHANAN £2745.18.8 £2745.18.8
CAMPSIE £6437.0.2 £6437.0.8
DENNY £2483.12.0 £2484.6.5½
DRYMEN £5065.5.2 £5066.15.10
DUNIPACE £3138.17.0 £3138.11.9
FALKIRK. - [This Parish being joined with Polmont in the Old Roll, the old valuation of both Parishes is inserted under the column 1691, and only the valuation of Falkirk under 1831.] £19263.19.3 £13211.8.8
FINTRAY £1975.7.7 £1975.7.7
GARGUNNOCK £4096.6.3 £4096.7.9
KILLEARN £2843.11.8 £2839.13.4
KILPATRICK £1014.12.3 £1014.12.3
KILSYTH £3916.5.0 £3916.5.9
KIPPEN £3140.2.0 £3141.15.5
LARBERT £2624.9.2 £2624.9.4
LECROPT & LOGGIE. - [Undivided in Old Roll.] £2033.0.4 £450.0.0
LOGIE. - [Old valuation included in Lecropt, as above.] £1582.4.4
MUIRAVONSIDE £3975.7.1 £3974.17.8
POLMONT. - [Old Valuation included in Falkirk, as above.] £6052.1.0
SAINT NINIANS £20860.15.7 £20860.11.3
SLAMANAN £2453.9.10 £2444.14.5
STRATHBLANE £2414.7.8 £2414.7.6
TOTAL VALUATION OF THE COUNTY £108514.7.4¼ £108505.0.2½
Decrease upon the New Roll, accounted for as on the preceding pages £9.7.1¾
[Total] £108514.7.4¼ £108514.7.4¼

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A large proportion of the following corrections has arisen from alterations that have taken place after printing those parts of the Roll wo which they relate. No alterations subsequent to the close of the year 1831 have been inserted.
P. [Page] 4 - For "part of Rashiehills Tends of do.," read "Halls of Airth."
P. [Page] 5 - Under Superiors for "James Johnstone of Alva," read "Charles Kinnaird Johnstone, 5th son of
J.R. Johnstone of Alva."
P. [Page] 7 - For "James," read "Archibald Stirling of Keir."
Ibid. - For "John Graham Dalziell," read "John Graham Dalzel."
P. [Page] 9 - For "Robert Hill, W.S., [Writer to Signet]" read "J.B. Gracie, W.S. [Writer to Signet]"
Ibid. - For "£35.10s. [shillings] 1d, [penny]" read "£35.10s. [shillings] 2d, [pennies]
P. [Page] 10 - For "purchsed," read "purchased."
P. [Page] 11 - Insert, at the top of the page under Valuation Roll, 1691, "The Laird of Newton (continued)."
P. [Page] 14 - For "Alexander Littlejohn," read "The heirs of Alexander Littlejohn, writer, Stirling."
Pp. [Pages] 15, 16, and 17 - For "James," read "Archibald Stirling of Keir."
16 - For "James Wright, writer, Stirling, liferenter," read "The heirs of Matthew Wright."
Pp. [Pages] 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 - For "The Hon. [Honourable] Vice-Admiral Charles Elphinstone Fleming," read "The
Hon. [Honourable] Vice-Admiral Charles Fleming."
P. [Page] 18 - For "Mrs Forrester or James Forrester, Bellshill, her sone," read "The Trustees of Mary McGre-
gor or Colt, sometime spouse of the deceased James Forrester."
Ibid. - Insert a "-" opposite the several Disjunctions on this page, to mark their being all of the date
placed at the top of the page.
P. [Page] 20, and top of p. [page] 21 - As the Dates of Disjunction of Fewars of South Herbertshire, and Earl of Wig-
ton, for "April 30, 1816," read "June 8, 1773."
P. [Page] 21 - For "£37.9s. [shillings] 6d. [pennies]"
P. [Page] 29 - For "heirs of Levison Douglas Stewart," read "The Duke of Hamilton."
P. [Page] 29 - For "Mrs Dallas," read "Janet Russel Dallas, Weedingshall."
Pp. [Pages] 29 and 30 - For "Robert Walker of Mumrills," read "The heirs of Robert Walker or Mumrills."
P. [Page] 30 - For "Mr," read "Gorge Meek's heirs."
P. [Page] 32 - As Superior of Carron Company's part Mungal for "do.," read "William Forbes of Callendar,"
who is also Superior of the five following parcels; and as Superior of Alexander Sword's
part Mungal on the same page, for "do.," read "Lord Dundas."
Ibid. - As Superior of Henry Stainton's part of Abbotshaugh, &c., after "do." insert "and William Forbes
of Callendar."
P. [Page] 35 For "Archibald Glen, residing in Glasgow," read "Henry Home Drummond of Blairdrummond,
fiar; and William Moray Stirling of Ardoch, liferenter."
P. [Page] 42 - For "Heirs," read "Trustees of Francis Simpson of Plean."
P. [Page] 43 - For "Alexander Littlejohn," read "The heirs of Alexander Littlejohn, writer, Stirling."
P. [Page] 44 - Transpose the summations of the Old and New Roll at the end of the PArish, reading as the
amount of the "old Roll, £2843.11s. [shillings] 8d., [pennies]" in place of "£2839.13s. [shillings] 4d.; [pennies]" and as the
amount of "New Roll, £2839.13s. [shillings] 4d., [pennies]" in place of "£2843.11s. [shillings] 8d. [pennies]"
P. [Page] 47 - For "Feb. [February] 22, 1779," read "Feb. [February] 22, 1799."
P. [Page] 48 - For "Mary Elizabeth," read "Mary Cumming Bruce of Kinnaird."
P. [Page] 52 - For "John Forman, W.S., [Writer to the Signet]" read "John N. Forman, W.S., [Writer to the Signet] fiar; and John Forman, W.S., [Writer to the Signet] liferenter."
P. [Page] 53 - As Prprietor of Westertown, after "John Alexander Henderson," insert "and Archibald Stirling
of Keir."
P. [Page] 55 - In the Note for "parcels," read "parcel."
P. [Page] 56 - For "John," read "the heirs of John Baird of Manuelmiln."
P. [Page] 57 - Insert, at the top of the page under Roll 1691, "Mr Thomas Rig, Patrick Calder, Jailles Crariurd,
Isaac Baird, James Gray, Alexander Crawfurd, Laurence Faupe, David Tennent, Alexander
Mairhsall, Alexander Crawfurd, Thomas Robertsone (continued)."
Ibid. - After "William Forbes of Callendar," as Proprietor of the remainder of Almond Barony, insert "and
John and James Russel."
Pp. [Pages] 59 and 60 - For "John," read "John N. Forman, W.S., [Writer to the Signet] fiar; and John Forman, W.S., [Writer to the Signet] liferenter."
P. [Page] 60 - In the last paragraph of the second Note, for "is made up to the within 15s. [shillings] 2d., [pennies]" read " is made
up to within 15s. [shillings] 2d. [pennies]"
P. [Page] 61 - For "£3.7s. [shillings] 2d., [pennies] read "£3.7s. [shillings] 4d. [pennies]"
Ibid. - For "January 19, 1736," read "January 19, 1740."
P. [Page] 67 - For "£10.8s. [shillings] 2d., [pennies]" read "£10.18s. [shillings] 2d. [pennies]"
P. [Page] 69 - For "£28.10s. [shillings] 4d., [pennies]" read £18.10s. [shillings] 4d. [pennies]"
P. [Page] 74 - For "£39.5s. [shillings] 9d., [pennies]" read £39.5s. [shillings] 5d. [pennies]"
P. [Page] 76 - At the Disjunctions of Cowiebank, insert "-," to mark their being all of the same date.
P. [Page] 78 - For "April," read "August 9, 1732."

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