Proprietor and land Valuation
St ninians Valluation brought over
James Abercrombie £14.0.0
William Wordy now James Norman £11.7.5
David Lidle now Thomas Thomson £9.10.3
John Ures heirs £8.8.0
Hayford £8.7.9
Robert Stevenson £1.17.0
Robert Gillespie £2.10.8
Cookspow £53.19.9
James Richardson Torbrex £16.13.4
Mr Nivens part Torbrex £79.8.9
Archibald Murdochs part Torbrex £12.11.4
John Mckillops part Torbrex £10.15.4
William Spittle now Mr Gallaway £31.10.0
Carbrock £64.15.3
William Watsons heirs £6.0.0
John Hill £6.0.0
John Wordy St ninians £4.0.0
David Wordy & Andrew Wilson £4.0.0
Robert Johnstoun B [Banock] Burn £12.0.0
Wester Craiganet £50.0.0
Kirkamuir £37.10.0
Northside Dundaff £50.0.0
William Clerk £18.0.0
[Sub total] £513.4.10
St ninians valluation brought over
Southside £128.16.11
Crinziett £80.10.0
Cairnock William Bows part £12.10.0
Cairnock James Taylors part £12.10.0
Cairnock Thomas Adams part £12.10.0
Cairnock John Dins part £12.10.0
Cairnock Thomas Lidles & John Dins parts £12.10.0
Cairnock James Dicks part £18.15.0
Cairnock Thomas Lidles & John Buchanans parts £25.0.0
Andrew Nillsons lands £23.13.4
John Gillespies part of Andrew Nillsons lands £1.0.0
[Sub total] £340.5.3
Kilsyth or Monyabrugh parish Valluation
East Barrony of Killsyth £1328.10.0
West Barony of Killsyth £2000.0.0
Bantone £241.11.0
Auchincloch £241.11.0
Dundass £80.10.0
William Rankin £24.3.0
[Parish total] £3917.9.0

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[Page] 18
[Signed] David Gourlay

[Page] 19

I David Gourlay Collector depute of the Land tax for the Shire
of Stirling Do by these presents Testify and declare That
the above and Eighteen preceeding pages is a just and true
Copy of the haill valluation of the Shire of Stirling, Conform to
which The Cess for said Shire is Collecting for this year
Seventeen hundered and Seventy one In Witnes whereof I
have Written and Subscribed thir presents att Stirling Thirtyith
day of October Seventeen hundred and Seventy one years

[Signed] David Gourlay

Transcriber's notes

A shortfall of £1.4.0 is evident in the assessments for Kilsyth parish relative to the total given.

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