Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
No. Abstract Brought Over £74221.0.10
26 George Pott of Todridge's lands in Selkirk parish p.8 £576.5.8
27 John Rutherford of Edgerstones lands in Ettrick parish p.3 £561.6.8
28 Robert Ballantyne of Phawhopes lands in Ettrick ph. [parish] p.2 £526.13.4
29 James Mercer of Scotsbank's lands in Yarrow parish p.7 £483.4.8
30 William Russell of Ashisteels lands in Yarrow parish p.6 £466.13.4
31 Adam Ogilvie of Hartwoodmyres's lands in Selkirk parish p.8 £458.10.0
32 James Lauder of Carrolsides lands in Askirk parish p.14 £266.13.4
James Lauder of Carrolsides lands in Yarrow parish p.6 £169.6.8 £436.0.0
33 Alexander Robertson of Ettrick houses lands in Ettrick parish p.2 £404.13.4
34 William Chisholm of Chisholms lands in in Roberton parish p.12 £400.0.0
35 James Hay of Haystons lands in Peebles parish p.14 £342.13.4
36 James Cunninghame of Hyndhopes lands in Yarrow parish p.7 £317.13.4
37 William Ballantyne of Priesthopes lands in Innerleithen parish p.11 £254.0.0
38 Thomas Curror of Brownmuirs lands in Selkirk parish p.9 £208.6.8
39 Sir James Pringle of Stitchells lands in Stow parish p.13 £206.13.4
40 John Grieve of Hosecotes lands in Roberton parish p. 12 £200.0.0
41 Walter Scott of Howcleughs lands in Roberton parish p.12 £133.6.8
42 Adam Scott of Galalaws lands in Roberton parish p.12 £100.0.0
43 Earl of Wigtons heirs in Selkirk parish p.10 £10.13.4
Total valuation of the Shire of Selkirk as before p.14 £80307.15.6

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Selkirk 29th April 1786
The foregoing Valuation Book prepared and made up in terms of an Ana
lysis which was approven of at a general meeting upon 6th October
last having been considered by a general meeting of the Commissioners
of Supply of the County of Selkirk conveened this day. The Meeting
unanimously Approve of the same Appoint it to be recorded
in their Books and Appoint their Collector to lodge this copy with
the proper Officer in Exchequer and to collect the Land Tax and other
publick burdens conform thereto in all time coming. In witness
whereof the Preeses of this meeting has subscribed this docquet
and each of the fifteen preceeding pages and each of the other
Commissioners present has likewise subcribed this docquet.
Thomas Ballantyne Adam Ogilvie Preses
Thomas Curror, William Pringle
Charles Scott
Andrew Plummss
Andrew Henderson Junr. [Junior]
James Mercer
Robert Ballantyne

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