Proprietor and land Valuation
Lintoun paroche
Henrie Ker of Lintoun £1132.6.8
John Ker of ffrogden £1160.0.0
Robert pringle of cliftoun £1642.0.0
Henrie Ker of graden £880.0.0
Sir William Ker of greinhead £200.0.0
David Davidson or Gilbert Steuart £200.0.0
Suma [Summa] is £5514.6.8
Roxbrugh paroche
The earle of Roxb. [Roxbrugh] his rent is £4413.13.4
Sir William Ker of greinhead £1339.6.8
The laird of chatto £1726.13.0
The laird of farningtoun £954.0.0
Sir Thomas Ker of Cavers £96.0.0
Laird Hoge in Roxb. [Roxbrugh] £166.13.4
The four heretors in Stockstruther £200.0.0
Robert Mein in Roxbrugh £100.0.0
Andro Ker in fairningtoun £20.0.0
John Hope for half ane land in neutoun £20.0.0
James Scot of thirlestoun £908.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of the paroche of Roxbrugh extends to £9944.6.8
Eckfoord paroche
The earle of Roxbrugh his rent is £4485.0.0
The countes of weymes £2276.6.8
The Duck of Buccleugh £1000.0.0
The laird of Chatto £1140.0.0
Sir William Bennit of grubit £778.0.0
Mr. William Ker for mainhous £311.0.0
Henrie hall for haughead £233.6.8
The aires of William Young in Spittilland £133.6.8
Andrew Young in Cessfurd £166.13.0
Robert pringle of Hutte £168.0.0
Adam Ker for sharpitlands land in Cavertoun £100.0.0
Robert Davidson for the marchcleugh £280.0.0
The Airs of David Young for preist croft £38.0.0
Ormistoun land in gramslaw £21.0.0
Suma [Summa] of his rent of Eckfoord paroche is £11130.13.4
Crailing paroche
The Earle of Lothian the twa Nisbits Mountiviot and the mylne therof £3843.0.0
My Lord Cranstoun £4420.0.0
Andrew Rutherfurd of Reidhaugh £360.0.0
Harie Hasnell there £96.0.0
Laird dod £14.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of crailing paroche extends to £8733.0.0
Hunam paroche
The Lord Rutherfurd £3066.13.4
The laird of chatto £1200.0.0
The Ladie chatto £1237.0.0
Sir John Riddell of that ilk £1756.0.0
Walter Rutherfurd of Caiphope £466.13.4
ffrancis Scot of greinhill £433.6.8
William Douglas of philoger £400.0.0
John Ker of beirhope £400.0.0
William Turnbull of Sharplaw £366.13.4
William Rutherfurd for steiplesyde £84.0.0
Thomas ker portioner of Hunam £146.13.4
Mair ther for the Earle of Roxbrugh land £220.0.0
Harie Davidson and his mother in lawther £183.6.8
Andrew pringle in Hunam £183.6.8
Mr. John Scot in Hunam grainge £158.6.8
John Robson for Hunam mylne £70.0.0
The Earle of Roxbrugh £235.13.4
William Davidson for west grange & Burwinds £333.6.8
Andrew Ker for Suthcoat £200.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of Hunam paroche is £11141.0.0

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I have transcribe Andro as if it is an abbreviation for Andrew throughout this volume

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