Proprietor and land Valuation
1 Kelso parache
The Earle of Roxbrugh his rent is £4275.9.0
Mr. Henrie Ker for the mylnes of Kelso £1800.0.0
Sir William Ker of grenihead £1950.0.0
Sir Thomas Ker of Cavers £1799.0.0
Sir Alexander don of newtoun for broomlands £1000.0.0
Sanuel Morison for Maisindew £400.0.0
The feuars of Kelso £3500.0.0
William Ker of Chatto for the corne customes £278.0.0
John Learmont of courtgait for the smaifs custones £165.0.0
Richard Learmont for his lands in fawcross £62.0.0
The Laird of west nisbit for four Acres in bridgend haugh £26.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of Kelso paroch is £18257.9.0
2 Ednem paroche
The laird of Ednem his rent is £6520.0.0
James falla for the hospitall of Ednem £360.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of Ednem paroch extends to £6880.0.0
3 Stitchells parache
Stitchell and the Life renter for the paroche of Stitchell within Roxbrugh Shyre is £3662.9.2
4 Mackairstones paroche
The Laird of Macairstone his rent is £4854.6.8
Thomas Mcdougall of stodrige £850.0.4
Thomas peirson for charterhous £220.0.0
William Macdougall called the Laird £130.0.0
William Gladstones his rent is £130.0.0
Arthur Halinall for Ettrick heads £33.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of Maccairstonne Extends to £5617.0.0

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