Land tax rolls for Ross-shire, volume 02

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E106/28/2/1 Duncan Munro Esqr. of Culcairn Contullich £565.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Teachurn £128.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Culcraiggie £83.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Simlain in part £25.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Alness £92.10.0
E106/28/2/1 Sir Hector Munro of Novar K.B. [Knight of the Bath] Novar £200.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Other lands vice Assint £190.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Other lands vice Swordle £195.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Other lands vice Fowlis £16.10.0
E106/28/2/1 Wester Teaninich £110.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Fyrish £70.10.0
E106/28/2/1 Achnagaunie £14.10.0
E106/28/2/1 Hugh Munro of Teaninich Teaninich £339.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Nether Culcraiggie £185.10.0
E106/28/2/1 Coul £254.10.0
E106/28/2/1 Mrs Anne MacKenzie Grieve of Inchcoulter Assint £380.0.0
E106/28/2/1 [TOTAL] £2849.0.0
E106/28/2/1 Alness Parish
E106/28/2/1 Land Tax in Co. Ross levied at rate of £1.1.10 Stg [Sterling] for every £100 Sc [Scots] of O.V.R. [Old Valued Rent]. [signed] Mackenzie
E106/28/2/1 A modern hand has numbered the page 1 and written E106/28/2. Annotations in green ink have not been transcribed. Latin 'vice' - in place of
E106/28/2/3 Alness Parish Carried over £2849.0.0
E106/28/2/3 Finlay Munro of Lealtie Lealtie £30.0.0
E106/28/2/3 Fraser of Pitcallion His Lands £12.0.0
E106/28/2/3 Total Valuation in this Parish £2891.0.0
E106/28/2/3 Applecross Parish
E106/28/2/3 John MacKenzie of Applecross Balgie £34.17.6
E106/28/2/3 Shildaig £74.3.6
E106/28/2/3 Ardtislaig £49.19.0
E106/28/2/3 Kenmore £29.10.0
E106/28/2/3 Arinocrunoch £32.10.4
E106/28/2/3 Rumfern £10.16.3
E106/28/2/3 Corvaig £21.13.8
E106/28/2/3 KalinKyle £64.16.0
E106/28/2/3 Loanbaen £33.2.7
E106/28/2/3 Achichork £33.2.6
E106/28/2/3 Langwall £66.6.0
E106/28/2/3 Boradale £102.15.0
E106/28/2/3 Miltoun £41.10.0
E106/28/2/3 Tosgaig £78.17.0
E106/28/2/3 Uagin £22.2.6
E106/28/2/3 Island of Croline £24.18.2
E106/28/2/3 Kilvery £85.1.0
E106/28/2/3 Mains of Applecross and Sardal £71.1.0
E106/28/2/3 Keppochs £53.6.1
E106/28/2/3 Kirktoun £39.10.3
E106/28/2/3 Andrisoch £12.10.0
E106/28/2/3 Russell £59.5.0
E106/28/2/3 Trornopress £66.14.3
E106/28/2/3 Rassell £35.17.0
E106/28/2/3 Culintore £35.17.0
E106/28/2/3 Blaids £71.1.0
E106/28/2/3 Achvany & Lagnoiespag £87.4.6
E106/28/2/3 Ardoch £34.6.10
E106/28/2/3 North Glen £26.15.0
E106/28/2/3 South Glen £52.18.0
E106/28/2/3 Achintraid £93.13.0
E106/28/2/3 John MacKenzie of Torriden Torriden £381.0.0
E106/28/2/3 Dibag in this Parish included in the Cumulo of the Estate of Gerloch in that Parish Total in this Parish £1927.0.0
E106/28/2/3 [Page] 2 [Page] 3 [Both pages signed] "A Mackenzie"
E106/28/2/3 Annotations in green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/5 Avoch Parish
E106/28/2/5 Francis Lord Seaforth The whole Lands in the Parish Valued in Cumulo with the Parishes of Uig, Stornoway and Lochs Vide Stornoway
E106/28/2/5 Sir Roderick MacKenzie of Scatwell Baronet Pittonachty, Castletown & others in Cumulo £1013.0.0
E106/28/2/5 Achterfloe and others £250.0.0
E106/28/2/5 Killean and others £379.0.0
E106/28/2/5 Other lands £45.0.0
E106/28/2/5 George Mackenzie of Avoch Avoch £274.17.2
E106/28/2/5 Achnadresh & others £306.10.0
E106/28/2/5 Colin Mathison of Bennagefield Bennagefield & others £213.0.0
E106/28/2/5 Barvas Parish
E106/28/2/5 Mrs Ann MacKenzie Her lands of Knockmuir £49.19.2
E106/28/2/5 Total in this Parish £2531.6.4
E106/28/2/5 [Page] 4 [Page] 5 [Both pages signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/5 Annotations in green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/7 Contin Parish
E106/28/2/7 Sir George MacKenzie of Coul Baronet Coul, The Two Comries, GlenyacK, Part of Strathvaich & others in Cumulo £1075.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Alexander McKenzie of Fairburn Kenlochbenchran and others in Strathconnan £668.0.0
E106/28/2/7 William McKenzie of Strathgarve Strathgarve £400.0.0
E106/28/2/7 MeiKle Scatwall £240.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Alexander McKenzie of Hilltown Strathbren £270.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Leanich & Leadgown £200.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Cashachan £139.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Sir Roderick McKenzie Bart. [Baronet] Little Scatwell & Kaimlochlichart £116.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Thomas McKenzie of Ord Blarnapat, Achigere, Strathcomble & part of MeiKle Scatwell £200.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Part of Strathvaich and Binachalon £100.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Stronuchendrin and one half of Corriemullie £61.6.8
E106/28/2/7 Henry Davidson of Tulloch Duchallie & Er [Easter] Achnaclerach £75.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Part of Achnaclerach £35.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Charles MacKenzie of Kilcoy Achnasheen £100.0.0
E106/28/2/7 Total in this Parish £3779.6.8
E106/28/2/7 Dingwall Parish
E106/28/2/7 Henry Davidson Esqr. of Tulloch Tulloch and others, including the whole parish £799.19.0
E106/28/2/7 Total Valuation in the Parish £799.19.0
E106/28/2/7 [Page] 6 [Page] 7 [Both pages signed] A. Mackenzie
E106/28/2/7 Annotations in green and red ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/9 Eddertoun Parish
E106/28/2/9 Sir Charles Ross Bart. [Baronet] of Balnagoun Ardmore and others in Cumulo £1045.0.0
E106/28/2/9 MeiKle Daan £60.0.0
E106/28/2/9 Murdo McKenzie of Ardross Easter Fearn £200.0.0
E106/28/2/9 Andrew Robertson Mid Fearn £100.0.0
E106/28/2/9 R.B.Æ McLeod of Cadboll Eddertoun £73.10.0
E106/28/2/9 Hugh Ross of Kerse Little Daan £50.0.0
E106/28/2/9 Total in this Parish £1528.10.0
E106/28/2/9 Fearn Parish
E106/28/2/9 John Anderson of Milderg Milderg £953.3.7
E106/28/2/9 Balblair £49.0.0
E106/28/2/9 Donald MacLeod of Geanies Half of the Abbacy of Fearn £188.4.6
E106/28/2/9 Northfield £45.6.2
E106/28/2/9 PitKeary £44.10.0
E106/28/2/9 Part of MeiKle Reiny £35.16.2
E106/28/2/9 Another part of MeiKle Reiny £22.5.2
E106/28/2/9 R. B. Æ McLeod of Cadboll Hilltown and Tullich £175.17.6
E106/28/2/9 BalmucKie £281.15.10
E106/28/2/9 Drums of Fearn £20.0.0
E106/28/2/9 Part of MeiKle Reny £39.6.8
E106/28/2/9 William Rose of Rheny Little Rheny £133.11.10
E106/28/2/9 South quarter of Little Rheny £33.6.8
E106/28/2/9 Hugh Rose of Glastullich Torridow & Little Milton £100.0.0
E106/28/2/9 Balintore £175.17.6
E106/28/2/9 Sir Charles Ross of Balnagown Bart. [Baronet] Balnagore £144.0.0
E106/28/2/9 1/2 Abbacy of Fearn £188.10.6
E106/28/2/9 Charles Monro of Allan MeiKle Allan Duffs Quarter £118.0.0
E106/28/2/9 Meikle Allan Fowlers part £114.10.4
E106/28/2/9 Meikle Allan Wester Quarter £92.18.2
E106/28/2/9 Roderick McKenzie of Scotsburn Little Allan £183.13.4
E106/28/2/9 John Urquhart of Mounteagle Easter Little Allan £155.1.0
E106/28/2/9 William R Munro of Newmore Stronachs Oxgate of Little Allan £49.0.0
E106/28/2/9 His part of PitKery £15.9.0
E106/28/2/9 David Ross of Milloraig His part of the Drums of Fearn £20.0.0
E106/28/2/9 Total Valuation in the Parish £3379.3.11
E106/28/2/9 [Page] 8 [Page] 9 [Both pages signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/9 Annotations in red and green ink not included
E106/28/2/10 Fodderty Parish
E106/28/2/10 Alexander McKenzie of Hilltown DavochmaluacK £197.0.8
E106/28/2/10 Davochcairn £99.10.0
E106/28/2/10 Davochpollan £157.10.0
E106/28/2/10 Lord Seaforth Dunglust £100.0.0
E106/28/2/10 KnocKnatarig £138.10.0
E106/28/2/10 Little Ussie £26.10.0
E106/28/2/10 Tollie £125.0.0
E106/28/2/10 Meikle Ussie £33.0.0
E106/28/2/10 Col. [Colonel] Alexander McKenzie of Fairburn Mayne in Strathconon £250.0.0
E106/28/2/10 Henry Davidson of Tulloch His Lands £175.10.0
E106/28/2/10 Mrs. Grieve McKenzie Inchcoulter Dochcarty £166.13.4
E106/28/2/10 Sir George McKenzie of Coul Bart. [Baronet] Rheagie £112.19.4
E106/28/2/10 Charles MacKenzie of Kilcoy Cullen & Achnanault £97.10.0
E106/28/2/10 Total in this Parish £1679.13.4
E106/28/2/10 [Page] 10 [Signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/10 Annotations in green and red ink are not transcribed
E106/28/2/11 Gairloch Parish
E106/28/2/11 Sir Hector Mackenzie of Gerloch Bart. [Baronet] His lands including Dibag in Cumulo £1549.0.0
E106/28/2/11 Kenlochew £710.0.0
E106/28/2/11 Mellan with 1/2 the Water & Island of Ewe £125.0.0
E106/28/2/11 The other half of the Water & Isle of Ewe £75.0.0
E106/28/2/11 Murdo MacKenzie of Letterew Letterew £390.0.0
E106/28/2/11 Henry Davidson of Tulloch 2/3 of Gruinord comprehending Sand, Little Gruinord, Udrigil, Lead Mellan etc. £234.0.0
E106/28/2/11 The remaining third part thereof £117.0.0
E106/28/2/11 Sir George MacKenzie of Coul Bart. [Baronet] Inverew or Lochend & others £100.0.0
E106/28/2/11 Roderick McKenzie of Kernsary Kernsary £100.0.0
E106/28/2/11 Total in this Parish £3400.0.0
E106/28/2/11 [Page] 11 [Page is signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/11 Annotations in green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/11A Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of Gairloch Bart [Baronet] His lands in cumulo including Dibaig in Parish of Applecross [sub total] £1549.0.0
E106/28/2/11A Kinlochewe, split by Decree dated 18th and approved 21st. March 1820, as follows, viz:-
E106/28/2/11A Cullinellan £129.13.7
E106/28/2/11A Stronchill £81.18.6
E106/28/2/11A Ahanakeaun £13.13.0
E106/28/2/11A Half of Leaky £54.12.0
E106/28/2/11A one-third of Leaky £27.6.0
E106/28/2/11A Bruachaig and Glendocharty £95.11.0
E106/28/2/11A Taagan £54.12.0
E106/28/2/11A Smirisair and Sliugach £62.15.10
E106/28/2/11A Boutaig and Chlachinderg £27.6.0
E106/28/2/11A Guisglen and Torrancullen £139.18.4
E106/28/2/11A Luibmore £6.16.6
E106/28/2/11A Incheril £3.11.7
E106/28/2/11A Incheril £12.5.8
E106/28/2/11A [Kinlochewe Total] £710.0.0
E106/28/2/11A Mellan, with half the water of the Island of Ewe £125.0.0
E106/28/2/11A The other half of water of the Island of Ewe £75.0.0
E106/28/2/11A Kernsary £100.0.0
E106/28/2/11A [sub total] £1010.0.0
E106/28/2/11A [Gross Total] £2559.0.0
E106/28/2/11A Less three-eights of Kernsary now belonging to Mr Osgood H. Mackenzie £62.10.0
E106/28/2/11A Apportioned to Torranculllen £211.2.9
E106/28/2/11A [Total Deductions] £273.12.9
E106/28/2/11A [Nett Total] £2285.7.3
E106/28/2/11A [Page] 11a Excerpt from old valued Rent Roll for the County of Ross and Cromarty relative to the lands and Estate of Gairloch in the Parish of Gairloch
E106/28/2/11A This page is a typewritten later insert into the original volume in four columns, so does not fit in to the standard transcription three column format, the Valuations are entered in a single column with [Total] headings to identify the various Items
E106/28/2/13 Glenshiel Parish
E106/28/2/13 Francis Lord Seaforth The whole lands in the Parish Valued in Cumulo with the Parish of Kintail
E106/28/2/13 Killieurnan Parish
E106/28/2/13 James Grant of Redcastle Mains of Redcastle £120.5.0
E106/28/2/13 Spittal and Ward £63.7.8
E106/28/2/13 Mains of Gargiston & Braes £74.15.3
E106/28/2/13 PecKmore & others £24.0.11
E106/28/2/13 Milltown & Croftmore £84.18.6
E106/28/2/13 Miln Lands of Redcastle £72.0.6
E106/28/2/13 Kiltown £48.1.9
E106/28/2/13 ParKtown £35.3.7
E106/28/2/13 Chapeltown & Burntown £85.19.3
E106/28/2/13 Blairdow £39.15.0
E106/28/2/13 Newtown & Ward £108.13.0
E106/28/2/13 Corgrain £35.3.7
E106/28/2/13 Damm Park, PecKnaKyle & Sundy field £30.11.0
E106/28/2/13 Charles MacKenzie of Kilcoy Kilcoy £295.0.0
E106/28/2/13 Tore & Drumnamarg £236.16.4
E106/28/2/13 Wester Kessock £208.13.4
E106/28/2/13 Total in this Parish £1563.4.8
E106/28/2/13 a
E106/28/2/13 [Page] 12 [Page] 13 [Both pages signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/13 Annotations in green and red ink have not been transcribed.
E106/28/2/15 Kilmuir Easter Parish
E106/28/2/15 Sir Charles Ross of Balnagown Bart. [Baronet] Balnagown £679.0.0
E106/28/2/15 Rives £50.0.0
E106/28/2/15 Parkhill and Badibea £92.0.0
E106/28/2/15 William Robertson of Kindeace Kinrive and Torinlea £196.0.0
E106/28/2/15 Inchfuir £143.10.0
E106/28/2/15 Calrichie £57.0.0
E106/28/2/15 R. B. Æ. MacLeod of Cadboll Little Delnie £42.2.7
E106/28/2/15 Mains of Meikle Delnie £113.1.5
E106/28/2/15 Aansalloch & Ballarack £38.16.0
E106/28/2/15 McColdonichs & McGille's Pecks £41.19.6
E106/28/2/15 Finlay Uins Lands £14.0.0
E106/28/2/15 William Munro Ross of Newmore and Aldie Balintraid £175.0.0
E106/28/2/15 John Mackenzie of Kincraig Broomhill £81.0.0
E106/28/2/15 Roderick Mackenzie of Scotsburn Dalnaclerach £30.10.0
E106/28/2/15 Total in this Parish £1754.0.0
E106/28/2/15 Kilmuir Wester Parish
E106/28/2/15 John Mackenzie of Allangrange His Lands £752.10.0
E106/28/2/15 Charles Mackenzie of Kilcoy Muirtoun £213.6.10
E106/28/2/15 Munlochy £273.9.4
E106/28/2/15 Drumderfit £97.7.0
E106/28/2/15 Charles Graham of Drynie Drynie £269.8.4
E106/28/2/15 Kilmuir & Sligo £248.15.0
E106/28/2/15 James Grant of Redcastle Culmores £175.19.0
E106/28/2/15 Artifalie £51.7.5
E106/28/2/15 Ballagunerie & Croftnacroich £13.2.4
E106/28/2/15 Easter Kessock & Fishings £358.12.1
E106/28/2/15 Torgormack & Lettoch £69.19.2
E106/28/2/15 John R Mackenzie of Suddy Meikle or Wester Suddy £278.10.0
E106/28/2/15 Colin Mathison of Bennagefield Little or Easter Suddy £181.10.0
E106/28/2/15 Mrs Martha Mackenzie Belmaduthy £162.0.0
E106/28/2/15 William MacKenzie of Pitlundy Pitlundy £90.0.0
E106/28/2/15 Total in this Parish £3235.16.6
E106/28/2/15 [Page] 14 [Page] 15 [Both pages signed A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/15 Annotations in green ink have not been transcribed.
E106/28/2/17 Kiltearn Parish
E106/28/2/17 Sir Hugh Munro of Fowlis Bart. [Baronet] One Division of Fowlis £435.2.0
E106/28/2/17 Another Division of Fowlis £420.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Drummond £150.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Balcladdich £20.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Limlair £324.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Arduillie £60.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Wester Fowlis £336.7.6
E106/28/2/17 Teanaird £34.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Culnaskeath £33.10.0
E106/28/2/17 Kiltearn vice Alexander Munro £84.12.0
E106/28/2/17 Part of the same vice Swordle £47.8.0
E106/28/2/17 Pailaig £82.10.0
E106/28/2/17 Milntown £78.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Other Lands in vice of Swordle £34.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Colin MacKenzie of Mountgerald Clynes £383.10.0
E106/28/2/17 Mrs. Grieve McKenzie of Inchcoulter Balcony £341.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Duncan Munro of Culcairn Culcairn Newton & others £115.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Teanrivan £88.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Henry Davidson of Tulloch Killochoan £82.10.0
E106/28/2/17 Total in this Parish £3149.9.6
E106/28/2/17 Kincardine Parish
E106/28/2/17 Sir Charles Ross Bart. [Baronet] His Lands £940.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Sir Hector Munro K.B. [Knight of the Bath] Culrain & others £202.15.0
E106/28/2/17 Achnagart £100.0.0
E106/28/2/17 William Robertson of Kindeace Glencalvie Easter Gruinord and others £108.13.4
E106/28/2/17 Charles Ross of Invercharron Invercharron £95.6.8
E106/28/2/17 Munro Ross of Pitcalny Amat £50.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Corriemuillie £50.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Lord AnKerville Dibidil £35.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Hugh Ross of Gladfield Salachie and others £35.0.0
E106/28/2/17 David Ross of Millcraig Garvery £34.0.0
E106/28/2/17 Total Valuation of this Parish £1650.15.0
E106/28/2/17 [Page] 16 [Page] 17 [Both pages signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/17 Annotations in green ink have not been transcribed.
E106/28/2/18 Kintail Parish
E106/28/2/18 Francis Lord Seaforth His Lands in this Parish valued in Cumulo with those of Glenshiel £3609.10.0
E106/28/2/18 William Chisholm of Chisholm Glassletter £322.10.0
E106/28/2/18 Total Valuation in Kintail and Glenshiel £3932.0.0
E106/28/2/18 [Page] 18 [Page signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/18 Annotations in green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/19 Lochalsh Parish
E106/28/2/19 Francis Lord Seaforth Conchra £213.7.8
E106/28/2/19 Ardelve & Ferry thereof £164.17.9
E106/28/2/19 Ardhill including Kirktown £214.11.11
E106/28/2/19 Fairnaig £203.13.8
E106/28/2/19 Balmacarra £223.1.8
E106/28/2/19 Reraig £121.4.10
E106/28/2/19 Achnadarroch £324.18.7
E106/28/2/19 Deurnish £77.11.10
E106/28/2/19 Polinrarie £29.1.11
E106/28/2/19 Erbesaig £48.9.11
E106/28/2/19 Breastrath £164.17.9
E106/28/2/19 Plock £43.12.11
E106/28/2/19 Kyle £38.15.11
E106/28/2/19 Achmore £218.4.8
E106/28/2/19 Ardnarve £96.13.10
E106/28/2/19 Auchnabein & Sallachy £258.13.4
E106/28/2/19 Nonach £67.17.10
E106/28/2/19 Auldnabrahen £7.5.5
E106/28/2/19 Auchtertyre & Mill thereof £382.11.8
E106/28/2/19 Add of a surplus £0.6.11
E106/28/2/19 Total Valuation of this Parish £2900.0.0
E106/28/2/19 [Page] 19 [Page signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/19 Annotations in green have not been transcribed.
E106/28/2/19A Seaforth Inchcroe £74.10.10
E106/28/2/19A Morvich £182.12.5
E106/28/2/19A Wester Achyuran £73.0.6
E106/28/2/19A Easter Achyuran £91.10.3
E106/28/2/19A Achyork and Achyle £93.3.6
E106/28/2/19A Little Achyork £96.18.0
E106/28/2/19A Inversheal £74.11.2
E106/28/2/19A That part of Clunie,North of Water of Clunie £85.19.5
E106/28/2/19A Achnagart £60.17.6
E106/28/2/19A [Sub Total] £833.3.7
E106/28/2/19A Glenshiel-
E106/28/2/19A J.E.Bailie, Esq Wester or Little Ratagan £117.3.3
E106/28/2/19A Easter or Meikle Ratagan £117.3.3
E106/28/2/19A Torlysich £100.7.3 10/12
E106/28/2/19A Achnashellach £43.6.0 2/12
E106/28/2/19A Part of Clunie, South of River of Clunie £28.13.2
E106/28/2/19A Part of Inversheal and Wester Achyuran south of river Sheal £49.3.10
E106/28/2/19A Salmon Fishing of Sheal £19.6.0
E106/28/2/19A Kilchoinart, transferred from Kintail Parish £111.16.2
E106/28/2/19A [Sub Total £587.11.0
E106/28/2/19A A. Matheson, Esq of Ardross. M.P. Wester Leakachan £34.5.9
E106/28/2/19A Wester Achintard £44.14.6
E106/28/2/19A Easter Achintard £44.14.6
E106/28/2/19A Ardintoul £260.17.10
E106/28/2/19A Druidaig and Ferry £113.13.5
E106/28/2/19A Easter Leakachan £96.18.0
E106/28/2/19A [Sub Total] £595.4.0
E106/28/2/19A Total Valuation in this Parish £2015.18.7
E106/28/2/19A The Chisolm His Lands of Glasletter £322.10.0
E106/28/2/19A A. Matheson, Esq of Ardross.M.P His Lands per Decreet 30th April 1808
E106/28/2/19A Craigaig £2 9.16.3 1/2
E106/28/2/19A Fadoch, Killilan, and Salmon Fishings £179.9.3
E106/28/2/19A [Page] 19a Excepts from Valued Rent Roll of the County of Ross made up in 1853
E106/28/2/19A This page is a typewritten later insert into the original volume in four columns, so does not fit in to the standard transcription three column format, the Valuations are entered in a single column with [Total] headings to identify the various Items
E106/28/2/19B Kintail Parish - Continued.
E106/28/2/19B Matheson Esq, Ardross M.P. Cordoen £74.10.6
E106/28/2/19B Wester Killilan £85.14.6
E106/28/2/19B Letter Inver £27.7.101/2
E106/28/2/19B Lochievorgan and Leanich £13.0.10
E106/28/2/19B Achigarigan, deducting Freugh Corrie £64.19.1
E106/28/2/19B Camusluinie £150.0.0
E106/28/2/19B Dornie £111.16.2
E106/28/2/19B Wester Keppoch £22.7.3
E106/28/2/19B Freugh Corrie £8.1.10
E106/28/2/19B Easter Keppoch £33.10.10
E106/28/2/19B Leault £44.14.6
E106/28/2/19B Carr £68.18.11
E106/28/2/19B Bundalloch £55.18.9
E106/28/2/19B Killery and Wester Mamaig £102.9.10
E106/28/2/19B Inverinate Easter InverinateMill and half of Salmon Fishings £265.13.10
E106/28/2/19B Wester Inverinate £85.14.4
E106/28/2/19B Ruarach and Kirkton £137.12.1
E106/28/2/19B Easter Mamaig £26.1.9
E106/28/2/19B [Sub Total] £1587.18.6
E106/28/2/19B Seaforth Half of Fishing of Croe £5.13.5
E106/28/2/19B Total valuation of the Parish of Kintail as rectified by Decreet of splitting on 11th October. 1825 £1916.11.11
E106/28/2/19B [Page] 19b
E106/28/2/19B This page is a typewritten later insert into the original volume in four columns, so does not fit in to the standard transcription three column format, the Valuations are entered in a single column with [Total] headings to identify the various Items Total Valuation includes £322.10.0 carried over from page 19a Pen & Ink Items have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/19C Lochalsh Parish
E106/28/2/19C Innes of Lochalsh Bart. [Baronet] Conchra £213.7.8
E106/28/2/19C Ardelve & Ferry thereof £164.17.9
E106/28/2/19C Ardhill including KirKtown £214.11.11
E106/28/2/19C Fernaig £203.13.8
E106/28/2/19C Balmacara £223.1.8
E106/28/2/19C Reraig £121.4.10
E106/28/2/19C Achnadarroch £324.18.7
E106/28/2/19C Duirinish £77.11.10
E106/28/2/19C Polintarie £29.1.11
E106/28/2/19C Erbesaig £48.9.11
E106/28/2/19C Braentrath £164.17.9
E106/28/2/19C PlocK £43.12.11
E106/28/2/19C Kyle £38.15.11
E106/28/2/19C Achmore £218.4.8
E106/28/2/19C Ardnarve £96.13.10
E106/28/2/19C Achnabren and Salachy £258.13.4
E106/28/2/19C Nonach £67.17.10
E106/28/2/19C Aultnabrahin £7.5.5
E106/28/2/19C Achtertyre and Miln thereof £382.11.8
E106/28/2/19C Add of a surplus £0.6.11
E106/28/2/19C Total Valuation in this Parish £2900.0.0
E106/28/2/19C Lochcarron Parish
E106/28/2/19C Matheson of Ardross vice MacBarnet Attadale £244.0.0
E106/28/2/19C [Page] 19c Extract of Valuation Roll of the County of Ross Page initialled "S:MK"
E106/28/2/19C This is the first of three pages comprising an extract from the Valuation Roll of the County of Ross dated 18th April 1865.
E106/28/2/19D Contin Parish
E106/28/2/19D III Matheson of Ardross vice McKenzie of Kilcoy Strathbren £270.0.0
E106/28/2/19D IV Matheson of Ardross vice NcKenzie of Kilcoy Leanach and Ledgown £100.0.0
E106/28/2/19D V MacKenzie of Fairburn Kenlochbenchran and others in Strathconan £668.0.0
E106/28/2/19D Alness Parish
E106/28/2/19D VI Matheson of Ardross vice Munro of Lealty Lealty £30.0.0
E106/28/2/19D RossKeen Parish
E106/28/2/19D VII Matheson of Ardross vice Rose of Glastullich Part of Culrain formerly retained by George Munro of Culrain per Decreet of splitting of 10th June 1818 £141.9.6
E106/28/2/19D NonyKiln under deduction of the pendicle of Cuilichnakuile per Decreet 6th October 1810 £71.12.0
E106/28/2/19D [VII Total] £213.1.6
E106/28/2/19D Kilmuir Easter
E106/28/2/19D VIII Matheson of Ardross vice McLeod of Cadboll Little Delny £42.2.7
E106/28/2/19D Mains of Meikle Delny £113.1.5
E106/28/2/19D Trans [Transported i.e. carry forward] £155.4.0
E106/28/2/19D Kilmuir Easter Contd. [Continued]
E106/28/2/19D Matheson of Ardross vice Macleod of Cadboll Brought forwd. £155.4.0
E106/28/2/19D Aansalloch and Ballarach £38.16.0
E106/28/2/19D McCuldonich's and MacLespecK's Parks £41.19.6
E106/28/2/19D Finlay Uins Lands £14.0.6
E106/28/2/19D [VIII Total] £250.0.0
E106/28/2/19D RossKeen Parish
E106/28/2/19D Matheson of Ardross vice MacLeod of Cadboll Part of the lands of ReisKmore being part of the lands of RossKeen £11.7.9
E106/28/2/19D Kilmuir Easter
E106/28/2/19D Matheson of Ardross vice Ogilvy of Corriemony Wester Pollo and Balintraid £175.0.0
E106/28/2/19D [Page] 19d Dingwall 18th April 1865 Extracted by me Si Mackenzie Clerk of Supply of Rossshire
E106/28/2/19D This is the second and third of three pages comprising an extract from the Valuation Roll of the County of Ross dated 18th April 1865. It does not purport to list all the proprietors/lands in each parish named. A fourth column which repeats the third column valuation except where one proprietor owns more than one property in a parish, in these, the total is entered on a new line
E106/28/2/21 Lochbroom Parish
E106/28/2/21 George MacKenzie of Dundonnel Dyranamuick £139.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Auchtadonnel £350.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Fisherfield, Isle of Gruinard & others £225.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Auchindrean £99.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Keppoch & Kildonnan £133.6.8
E106/28/2/21 Loggie £162.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Henry Davidson of Tulloch Ballone £566.13.4
E106/28/2/21 Laroch Teavore £81.0.0
E106/28/2/21 One half Achlunachan £85.0.0
E106/28/2/21 The other half £85.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Sand £75.0.0
E106/28/2/21 MonKastle, Glenaregolach and Rhidorach £66.13.4
E106/28/2/21 Sir George McKenzie of Coul Bart. [Baronet] Inverlael £516.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Colin MacKenzie of Achilty Leckmelm in two equal Divisions £200.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Lord Seaforth Half of the Feu duties of Lochbroom £100.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Murdo MacKenzie of Letterew Superiority of Lands mortified to the Minister of Lochbroom £40.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Total Valuation of this Parish £2923.13.4
E106/28/2/21 Lochcarron Parish
E106/28/2/21 John MacKenzie of Applecross Redaig £71.6.2
E106/28/2/21 Castle Strome Changehouse & Ferry £62.7.10
E106/28/2/21 Mid Strome £42.6.9
E106/28/2/21 Stromecarronach £64.12.5
E106/28/2/21 Wester Slumbay & Raidow £76.17.7
E106/28/2/21 Easter Slumbay £56.16.5
E106/28/2/21 Kirktown £88.13.3
E106/28/2/21 Brackloch £100.5.6
E106/28/2/21 Tulluch or Tulloch £66.17.0
E106/28/2/21 Rhivorahan £83.11.3
E106/28/2/21 Upper & Lower Eddercharrons £131.9.6
E106/28/2/21 Wester Achintue £83.18.8
E106/28/2/21 Easter Achintue £60.18.2
E106/28/2/21 Culags £93.11.10
E106/28/2/21 Aunergaig £93.11.10
E106/28/2/21 Bealanacra £75.15.3
E106/28/2/21 Add Fractions £0.0.7
E106/28/2/21 Kishorn £501.10.0
E106/28/2/21 Alexander Mathison of Fernaig Attadle £244.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Loancorrycruibie £56.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Alexander Mac Donald of Sanachan Sanachan £50.0.0
E106/28/2/21 Total valuation of this Parish £2104.10.0
E106/28/2/21 [Page] 20 [signed] A MacKenzie [Page] 21 [signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/21 Notes in green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/23 Lochs Parish
E106/28/2/23 Francis Lord Seaforth The whole Lands in the Parish Valued in Cumulo with the Parishes of Barvas, Uig, Stornoway Vide Stornoway
E106/28/2/23 Loggie Parish
E106/28/2/23 Sir Charles Ross of Balnagown Bart. [Baronet] Loggie £166.0.0
E106/28/2/23 Pitmadithy £260.0.0
E106/28/2/23 Hugh Rose of Glastulich Glastulich £191.0.0
E106/28/2/23 Balloan £157.0.0
E106/28/2/23 Calrossie £75.17.6
E106/28/2/23 Drummeddate £75.17.6
E106/28/2/23 Roderick MacKenzie of Scotsburn Ulladale £207.0.0
E106/28/2/23 John Cockburn Ross of Shandwick Drimgilly £127.0.0
E106/28/2/23 Total Valuation of this Parish £1259.15.0
E106/28/2/23 [Page] 22 Lochs Parish [signed] A MacKenzie [Page] 23 Loggie Parish [signed] A MacKenzie
E106/28/2/23 Notes in green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/25 Nigg Parish
E106/28/2/25 John Cockburn Ross of Shandwick Shandwick £100.0.0
E106/28/2/25 Ankerville £527.0.0
E106/28/2/25 Cullis & Rarichies £896.5.8
E106/28/2/25 Balfour's part of said Lands £144.11.4
E106/28/2/25 James Ross' part of same £123.3.0
E106/28/2/25 Sir Charles Ross of Balnagown Bart. [Baronet] Inverchasley's Wadset Lands £431.0.0
E106/28/2/25 Other Lands Vice James McKenzie £245.0.0
E106/28/2/25 William MacKenzie of Bayfield Meikle Kindeace £404.0.0
E106/28/2/25 Alexander Gray Ross of Cromarty Culnauld & Dunskeath £336.5.0
E106/28/2/25 Annat £45.0.0
E106/28/2/25 Munro Ross of Pitcalnie Pitcalnie £317.10.0
E106/28/2/25 Waller Ross of Nigg Gair of Damm's part of Nigg £162.16.0
E106/28/2/25 Urquharts Quarter £87.0.0
E106/28/2/25 Fraser of Pitcallion Pitcallion £215.0.0
E106/28/2/25 R.B.Æ. MacLeod of Cadboll Milns of Kindeace & Pitcalnie £119.0.0
E106/28/2/25 John MacKenzie David Rioch's part of Pitcallion £32.0.0
E106/28/2/25 Total Valuation of this Parish £4205.11.0
E106/28/2/25 Risolis Parish
E106/28/2/25 Sir Roderick McKenzie of Scatwell Bart. [Baronet] Wester Culbo £100.0.0
E106/28/2/25 John Urquart of Kinbeachy Kinbeachy £100.0.4
E106/28/2/25 Charles Lockart of Newhall Wr. [Wester] St. Martins £100.0.0
E106/28/2/25 David Urquhart of Braelangwell Easter Balblair £93.3.6
E106/28/2/25 H.R.Duff of Muirtown Drumcudden £55.3.0
E106/28/2/25 Total Valuation of this Parish £448.6.10
E106/28/2/25 [Page] 24 Nigg Parish [signed] A MacKenzie [Page] 25 Risolis Parish Note. According to a OVR [Old Valued Rent] Certificate issued [with G Ch] to Alex Mackenzie November 1814 the OVR of Wester St Martins is given at £93.3.6 Scots not £100 as above." [signed] A MacKenzie
E106/28/2/25 Notes in green ink have not been transcribed.
E106/28/2/26 Rosemarkie Parish
E106/28/2/26 Roderick McKenzie of Flowerburn Rosehaugh £1096.3.6
E106/28/2/26 Broomhill £257.3.8
E106/28/2/26 Vice John Millar £116.14.0
E106/28/2/26 Vice Heirs of Hugh Baillie £162.16.0
E106/28/2/26 Vice Heirs of George Houston £27.0.0
E106/28/2/26 The Precincts & Ferry of Chanonry £111.0.0
E106/28/2/26 His Lands in vice of Hugh Dallas £25.0.0
E106/28/2/26 Kinnock £120.0.0
E106/28/2/26 Vice McCulloch of Priesthill £16.10.0
E106/28/2/26 His other Lands £18.18.10
E106/28/2/26 John Lesslie of Findrassie Raddery in Cumulo £1060.15.0
E106/28/2/26 Minister of Rosemarkie Chancellor's Quarter teinds £50.0.0
E106/28/2/26 Chanters Quarter teinds £54.0.0
E106/28/2/26 Lands in behoof of the poor of Chanonry £45.0.0
E106/28/2/26 Andrew Miller of Kincurdy Kincurdy £134.15.0
E106/28/2/26 John MacKenzie of Allangrange Constable Fees from his own Estate £110.10.0
E106/28/2/26 Michael Miller of Gowanhead Gowanhead £70.13.4
E106/28/2/26 Sir Roderick McKenzie of Scatwell Bart. [Baronet] Wester Raddery £50.0.0
E106/28/2/26 Hugh MacLean His Land £58.7.8
E106/28/2/26 Widow Hood Vice George Jamieson £25.15.0
E106/28/2/26 Kenneth MacKenzie Vice John of Knockmuir £18.2.6
E106/28/2/26 James Fowler Esq. Wellfield £34.19.6
E106/28/2/26 James Gregor Chancellor's Croft £6.16.6
E106/28/2/26 Joseph Millar His Land £11.18.10
E106/28/2/26 John Davidson His Lands £1.5.7
E106/28/2/26 Kenneth Leitch His Lands £2.6.1
E106/28/2/26 Donald Junor His Lands £24.1.0
E106/28/2/26 George Aird His Lands £0.17.0
E106/28/2/26 James Wilson His Lands £1.10.8
E106/28/2/26 John Mac Keddy His Lands £1.10.8
E106/28/2/26 James Moir His Lands £7.5.2
E106/28/2/26 Donald Watson His Lands £3.8.2
E106/28/2/26 Total Valuation of this Parish £3752.3.8
E106/28/2/26 [Page] 26. Rosemarkie Parish [signed] A MacKenzie
E106/28/2/26 Notes in red & green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/27 Rosskeen Parish
E106/28/2/27 R.B.Æ. MacLeod of Cadboll Mains of RossKeen £56.1.6
E106/28/2/27 Badineach £54.1.1
E106/28/2/27 Balvaird Easter & Wester £61.5.3
E106/28/2/27 Craggan £68.8.6
E106/28/2/27 KirKtown £49.7.4
E106/28/2/27 Achintoul & Achmacarron £74.16.4
E106/28/2/27 Miln of RossKeen commonly called Miln of Inverbreakie £108.4.11
E106/28/2/27 Balblair £26.19.11
E106/28/2/27 Invergordon £142.12.8
E106/28/2/27 Cromlet with the ferry boat £46.13.0
E106/28/2/27 Ness £57.13.9
E106/28/2/27 Ballafuil £25.15.9
E106/28/2/27 Smithtown £58.9.7
E106/28/2/27 The lands of William Mac Crob & Charles ParKs £35.15.0
E106/28/2/27 MeiKle Ord £70.7.2
E106/28/2/27 The Possessions of Donald Down in the Ord £51.1.4
E106/28/2/27 Lands of Hugh Davidson £70.7.2
E106/28/2/27 Easter Dones £54.4.0
E106/28/2/27 Auldantallin & fish boat £67.15.9
E106/28/2/27 Murdo MacKenzie of Ardross Ardross £670.10.0
E106/28/2/27 David Ross of Millcraig Millcraig £300.0.0
E106/28/2/27 Culkenzie £112.10.0
E106/28/2/27 Tollie & Strathrusdale £90.0.0
E106/28/2/27 Munro Ross of Newmore & Aldie Newmore £450.0.0
E106/28/2/27 George Munro of Culrain Culrain £295.15.0
E106/28/2/27 Nonkeel £84.10.0
E106/28/2/27 Duncan Munro of Culcairn Obsdale £289.0.0
E106/28/2/27 John McKenzie of Kincraig Kincraig £234.10.0
E106/28/2/27 William Robertson of Kindeace For part of Culrains lands of Culcairne £5.0.0
E106/28/2/27 Total Valuation of this Parish £3711.15.0
E106/28/2/27 [Page] 27 Rosskeen Parish [Signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/27 Notes in red and green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/27A Messrs Williamson Watt & Co., S.S.C., 9 York Place, Edinburgh. DINGWALL, 18th January 1923. Dear Sirs, FLOWERBURN Apportionment of Old Valued Rent, Land Tax etc, Your letter of the 16th inst. [instant] addressed to the County Clerk, Inverness has been forwarded by him to me. I have looked into the matter to which you refer and it appears to me that the Old Valued Rent of the Lands of Flowerburn amounts to £1911.13.0 Scots and that the Land Tax is £21.0.9. The following are the details of the valuation as given in the Valued Rent Roll made up in 1853 - The salmon fishing rights at Chanonry, and Angus and John Ross, Reid, and D. Macandrew's possessions -- £214.9.7 Proportion of Teinds -- £6.4.0 -- £220.4.7 For Lands in and about Fortrose exclusive of those held in burgage -- £270.9.8 Proportion of Teinds -- £7.15.3 -- £278.4.11 Lands of Balmougie -- £295.1.2 Proportion of Teinds -- £8.8.6 -- £303.9.8 Mills of Rosemarkie -- £164.4.8 Proportion of Tiends -- £4.14.8 -- £168.19.6 Part of Broomhill held of the Crown -- £168.13.7 Proportion of Tiends -- £5.7.2 -- £192.0.9 Part of Broomhill held of Mr Alexander Mackenzie vice Mr Grant -- £70.10.1 Proportion of Tiends -- £2.0.5 -- £72.10.6 Vice heirs of Hugh Baillie -- £162.16.0 Proportion of Teinds -- £4.13.5 -- £167.9.5 Vice heirs of George Howeston -- £27.0.0 Proportion of Tiends -- £0.15.6 -- £27.15.6 The precincts of Ferry of Chanonry -- £111.0.0 Proportion of Teinds -- £3.3.11 -- £114.3.11 Vice John Miller -- £116.14.0 Vice Hugh Dallas -- £25.0.0 Vice Smith -- £6.14.0 Proportion of Tiends -- £4.5.6 -- £152.13.6 Forward -- £1697.12.1 Vice / [Page] 27a
E106/28/2/27B [Page] 2 Brought Forward -- £1697.12.1 Vice Jonathan Forbes -- £12.4.10 Proportion of Teinds -- £12.11.11 Vice Kennock -- £120.0.0 Proportion of Teinds -- £3.8.8 -- £123.8.8 Vice Macculloch of Priesthill -- £16.10.0 Proportion of Teinds -- £0.9.0 -- £16.19.0 Vice Alexander Mackenzie of Woodside including portion of Teinds -- £48.15.8 [Total] -- £1899.7.4 This leaves a sum of £12.5.8 to be accounted for but later in the same Roll occurs an entry under the name of D Juror, His Lands -- £11.18.10 Proportion of Teinds -- £0.6.10 [Total] -- £12.5.8 These lands apparently belong to Flowerburn and when their Valued Rent is added to the sum of £1899.7.4 stated above it brings out the Valued Rent of £1911.13.0 I regret I can give you no information with reference to the difference between this sum and the £1951.6.0 given to you by the Teind Clerk. It occurs to me, however, that the whole of the lands entered at Rosehaugh £1096.3.6 may not have belonged to Flowerburn. In the Roll made up in 1795 they are entered under the head of "Ross of Cromarty". Neither can I trace in the Rolls the entry "His other Lands "£18.18.10. The detailed valuation I have specified above may help you to account for this discrepancy, and I may call your attention to the pro portions of Teinds which are included in these valuations, but which do not appear under the head in the figures given to you by the Teind Clerk. These tends may have something to do with the apparent dis crepancy. Yours faithfully (Sgd) W. J. Duncan, County Clerk. [Page] 27b
E106/28/2/27C Ph. [Parish] of Rosemarkie - Roll of 1756 Scots
E106/28/2/27C Seaforth for his lands there £111.0.0
E106/28/2/27C More in Vice of Hugh Dallas £25.0.0
E106/28/2/27C Andrew Miller Kincurdie £134.15.0
E106/28/2/27C George Jameson in vice of MacDermit £25.15.0
E106/28/2/27C The Heirs of Mr Alexander Reay in vice of Gollan £70.13.4
E106/28/2/27C Adam Gordon of Ardoch in vice of John Miller £116.14.0
E106/28/2/27C The Heirs of Hugh Baillie in vice of Monypenny £162.16.0
E106/28/2/27C Rosehaugh for his Lands £1096.3.6
E106/28/2/27C Kenneth MacEwen's heirs £38.6.8
E106/28/2/27C Ardoch in vice of Donald Simson for Broomhill £257.3.8
E106/28/2/27C The Poor of Chandry in vice of the Countess of Seaforth £45.0.0
E106/28/2/27C John MacKenzie in vice of Drynie £18.2.6
E106/28/2/27C The Heirs of George Houston £27.0.0
E106/28/2/27C The Laird of Findrassie £1060.15.0
E106/28/2/27C The Heirs of Duncan Forbes £128.5.0
E106/28/2/27C The Minister of Rosemarkie for the Chancellary Quarter teinds £50.0.0
E106/28/2/27C For the Chanters Quarter Teinds £54.0.0
E106/28/2/27C Cadboll in vice of McCulloch of Priesthill £16.10.0
E106/28/2/27C Alexander Smith £6.14.0
E106/28/2/27C Bernard MacKenzie for Kinnoch £120.0.0
E106/28/2/27C The Dowager of Balmaduthy for her liferent lands £50.0.0
E106/28/2/27C Allangrange for Constable fees £110.10.0
E106/28/2/27C [Total] £3725.3.8
E106/28/2/27C Ph. [Parish] of Rosemarkie - Roll of 1756 [Page] 27c
E106/28/2/27C This page appears to be a copy of the 1756 land tax roll for the Parish of Rosemarkie.
E106/28/2/27D Ph. [Parish] of RosemarKie
E106/28/2/27D John Leslie of Findrassie - Raddery in cumulo Scots £1060.15.0
E106/28/2/27D Accounted for as follows
E106/28/2/27D (F.944) Er. & Wr. [Easter & Wester] Muirheads £47.10.2 6/
E106/28/2/27D (F.944) Aythe, Craighead & Learnie £527.0.0
E106/28/2/27D (F.1035) Easter Raddery £474.0.0
E106/28/2/27D [Page] 27d Ph. [Parish]of RosemarKie
E106/28/2/29 Stornoway Parish
E106/28/2/29 Francis Lord Seaforth The whole Parish including those of Barvas, Lochs & Uig in Cumulo £5250.0.0
E106/28/2/29 Tain Parish
E106/28/2/29 Ross Munro of Newmore & Aldie Aldie £65.10.0
E106/28/2/29 Balnagael £37.0.0
E106/28/2/29 Pithogartie £165.0.0
E106/28/2/29 R B Æ MacLeod of Cadboll Over Cambuscury £110.0.0
E106/28/2/29 Nether Cambuscury £180.0.0
E106/28/2/29 Balauth £175.0.0
E106/28/2/29 KirksKeath £60.0.0
E106/28/2/29 Lord AnKerville Tarlogie £330.0.0
E106/28/2/29 Morangie £120.0.0
E106/28/2/29 Hugh Rose of Glastullich Pitnillies £84.0.0
E106/28/2/29 Total Valuation of this Parish £1659.10.0
E106/28/2/29 [Page] 28 Stornoway Parish [signed] A MacKenzie [Page] 29 Tain Parish [signed] A MacKenzie
E106/28/2/29 Notes in green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/31 Tarbit Parish
E106/28/2/31 Donald MacLeod of Geanies Geanies £546.7.6
E106/28/2/31 Seafield £486.0.0
E106/28/2/31 Easter Arboll £575.0.0
E106/28/2/31 Wester Arboll £225.0.0
E106/28/2/31 Allan Robertson of Little Tarrel Little Tarrel £234.0.0
E106/28/2/31 William Ross Munro of Newmore and Aldie The Wester half Davoch of Wr. [Wester] Geanies Geanies £188.10.0
E106/28/2/31 R B Æ MacLeod of Cadboll Hiltown £84.0.0
E106/28/2/31 His Land vice David Ross £50.0.0
E106/28/2/31 Total Valuation of this Parish £2388.17.6
E106/28/2/31 Uig Parish
E106/28/2/31 Francis Lord Seaforth The whole lands in the Parish Valued in Cumulo with the parishes of Barvas, Lochs and Stornoway, Vide Stornoway
E106/28/2/31 [Page] 30 Tarbit Parish signed A MacKenzie [Page] 31 Uig Parish signed A MacKenzie
E106/28/2/31 Notes in green ink have not been transcribed
E106/28/2/33 Urquhart Parish
E106/28/2/33 Sir Roderick McKenzie of Scatwell Bart. [Baronet] A Division of Findon £525.15.0
E106/28/2/33 Another Division of Findon £508.5.0
E106/28/2/33 Sir Hector MacKenzie of Gerloch Bart. [Baronet] Meikle Loggie with the Miln & KinKell Clousach £580.0.0
E106/28/2/33 Bishop Kinkell £90.0.0
E106/28/2/33 Loggiereoch or Connonside £107.5.0
E106/28/2/33 Total Valuation of this Parish £1811.5.0
E106/28/2/33 Urray Parish
E106/28/2/33 Colo [Colonel] Alexander McKenzie of Fairburn Fairburn and Monar £328.4.6
E106/28/2/33 Inverchoran £163.13.4
E106/28/2/33 Francis Lord Seaforth Brahan £260.0.0
E106/28/2/33 Other Lands £131.0.0
E106/28/2/33 Balnain £69.0.0
E106/28/2/33 Other Lands £50.0.0
E106/28/2/33 Meikle Moy £107.17.8
E106/28/2/33 John Gillanders of Highfield Kinwhildridon in two Divisions 1/3 & 2/3 of the whole £300.0.0
E106/28/2/33 The Davoch lands of Balvraid £82.3.1
E106/28/2/33 Thomas MacKenzie of Ord Ord £100
E106/28/2/33 The Mills £140.0.0
E106/28/2/33 Mill of Aultgourie & others £66.6.1
E106/28/2/33 Roderick Murchison of Tarradale Tarradle £223.18.0
E106/28/2/33 Alexander McK. Shaw of Muirtown Wester Fairburn £150.0.0
E106/28/2/33 Wlliam Chisholm of Chisholm Rhindoun £97.17.0
E106/28/2/33 John Rose of Ardnacrask Ardnacrask £56.0.0
E106/28/2/33 John MacKenzie of Lentron ½ of Arkon £44.10.0
E106/28/2/33 the other half £48.18.4
E106/28/2/33 Sir George McKenzie of Coul Bart. [Baronet] Little Moy £34.10.0
E106/28/2/33 Total Valuation of this Parish £2453.18.0
E106/28/2/33 [Page] 32 Urquart Parish [signed] A Mackenzie [Page] 33 Urray Parish [signed] A Mackenzie Note See copy of Certificate of old valued Rents in Fairburn Subfile of F.1035- Cumulo £677.19.8 -- Fairburn & Manor -- £328.4.6 -- Meikle Moy -- £107.17.8 -- Mill of Aultgourie & ors [others] -- £66.6.1 -- Balvraid -- £82.3.1 -- ½ of Arcan -- £44.10.0 -- ½ of Arcan -- £48.18.4 -- [total] £677.19.8 accounted for thus:- Mayor Stirling of Fairburn -- Part of Meikle Moy -- £104.14.6 -- Parts of 2 halves of Arcon -- £83.16.2 -- Mains of Fairburn re -- £185.4.6 -- Aultgourie -- £66.6.1 -- Achonachie -- £59.9.9 -- Monar -- £77.4.6 -- [sub total] £576.15.6 Marquis of Northampton -- Aultderg -- £3.0.9 -- Aultnahinnie -- £3.3.2 -- Croftbann (Part of Mains of Fairburn) -- £3.5.0 -- Cabaan (part of stream) -- £9.12.2 Gillanders of Highfield -- Balvraid -- £82.3.1 [Total] -- £677.19.8
E106/28/2/33 The additional Note appears to be from a later Valuation and is transcribed in other information. Notes in red and green have not been transcribed.
E106/28/2/35 The Crown Bishoprick of Ross £2359.12.0
E106/28/2/35 The Honble [Honourtable] Mrs Mackenzie of Cromertie Part of the Bishoprick £640.8.0
E106/28/2/35 Total Valuation of the Bishoprick of Ross £3000.0.0
E106/28/2/35 Name of the Parish Page of the Book, on which the Parish is written Value of Each Parish
E106/28/2/35 1 Alness 1st & 2d £2891.0.0
E106/28/2/35 2 Applecross 3d £1927.0.0
E106/28/2/35 3 Avoch 4th £2531.6.4
E106/28/2/35 4 Barvas 5th Vide Stornoway
E106/28/2/35 5 Contin 6th £3779.6.8
E106/28/2/35 6 Dingwall 7 £799.19.0
E106/28/2/35 7 Eddertoun 8 £1528.10.0
E106/28/2/35 8 Fearn 9 £3379.3.11
E106/28/2/35 9 Fodderty 10 £1679.13.4
E106/28/2/35 10 Gairloch 11 £3400.0.0
E106/28/2/35 11 Glenshiel 12 Vide Kintail
E106/28/2/35 12 Killieurnan 13 £1563.4.8
E106/28/2/35 13Kilmuir Easter 14 £1754.0.0
E106/28/2/35 14 Kilmuir Wester 15 £3235.16.6
E106/28/2/35 15 Kiltearn 16 £3149.9.6
E106/28/2/35 16 Kincardine 17 £1650.15.0
E106/28/2/35 17 Kintail & Glensheil in Cumulo 18 £3932.0.0
E106/28/2/35 18 Lochalsh 19 £2900.0.0
E106/28/2/35 19 Lochbroom 20 £2923.13.4
E106/28/2/35 20 Lochcarron 21 £2104.10.0
E106/28/2/35 21 Lochs 22 Vide Stornoway
E106/28/2/35 22 Loggie 23 £1259.15.0
E106/28/2/35 23 Nigg 24 £4205.11.0
E106/28/2/35 24 Risolis 25 £448.6.10
E106/28/2/35 25 Rosemarkie 26 £3725.3.8
E106/28/2/35 26 RossKeen 27 £3711.15.0
E106/28/2/35 27 Stornoway, Barvas,Lochs & Uig in Cumulo 28 £5250.0.0
E106/28/2/35 28 Tain 29 £1659.10.0
E106/28/2/35 29 Tarbit 30 £2388.17.6
E106/28/2/35 30 Uig 31 Vide Stornoway
E106/28/2/35 31 Urquhart 32 £1811.5.0
E106/28/2/35 32 Urray 33 £2452.18.0
E106/28/2/35 Bishoprick of Ross 34 £3000.0.0
E106/28/2/35 Total Valuation of the County £75043.10.3
E106/28/2/35 [Page] 34 [Page] 35 Abstract of the foregoing Valuation Book [Both pages signed] A Mackenzie
E106/28/2/36 [Page] 36 We Robert Bruce Æneas McLeod of Cadboll Esq. John Mackenzie of Kincraig Esq. and Mr James Watson eldest Baillie of Fortrose Three Commisioners of Supplys and Alexanderan Mackenzie Clerke of Supply of the County of Ross, Do hereby Certify That what is Contained upon the Thirty five preceeding pages is a true and just Copy of the valuation book of the foresaid County, The valued Rent whereof amounts to the sum of Seventy five Thousand and Forty three Pounds, Ten Shillings and three pence, Scots as more particularly contained in the abstract upon the thirty fifth page hereof as the same stood at and preceeding the Twenty ninth day of July one thousand eight hundred and Two, being the date of the last election of a Representatives in Parliament for the said County Given under our hands at Fortrose the seventh day of May one thousand Eight hundred and Three [Signed] Alexander Mackenzie Clk [Clerk] of Supply John MacKenzie C.S. [Commissioner of Supply] R. B. Æneas MacLeode C.S. [Commissioner of Supply] James Watson C.S. [Commissioner of Supply]