Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Sir Kenneth Mackenzie of Gairloch Bart [Baronet] His lands in cumulo including Dibaig in Parish of Applecross [sub total] £1549.0.0
Kinlochewe, split by Decree dated 18th and approved 21st. March 1820, as follows, viz:-
Cullinellan £129.13.7
Stronchill £81.18.6
Ahanakeaun £13.13.0
Half of Leaky £54.12.0
one-third of Leaky £27.6.0
Bruachaig and Glendocharty £95.11.0
Taagan £54.12.0
Smirisair and Sliugach £62.15.10
Boutaig and Chlachinderg £27.6.0
Guisglen and Torrancullen £139.18.4
Luibmore £6.16.6
Incheril £3.11.7
Incheril £12.5.8
[Kinlochewe Total] £710.0.0
Mellan, with half the water of the Island of Ewe £125.0.0
The other half of water of the Island of Ewe £75.0.0
Kernsary £100.0.0
[sub total] £1010.0.0
[Gross Total] £2559.0.0
Less three-eights of Kernsary now belonging to Mr Osgood H. Mackenzie £62.10.0
Apportioned to Torranculllen £211.2.9
[Total Deductions] £273.12.9
[Nett Total] £2285.7.3

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[Page] 11a
Excerpt from old valued Rent Roll for
the County of Ross and Cromarty relative
to the lands and Estate of Gairloch in
the Parish of Gairloch

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This page is a typewritten later insert into the original volume in four columns, so does not fit in to the standard transcription three column format, the Valuations are entered in a single column with [Total] headings to identify the various Items

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