Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Contin Parish
III Matheson of Ardross vice McKenzie of Kilcoy Strathbren £270.0.0
IV Matheson of Ardross vice NcKenzie of Kilcoy Leanach and Ledgown £100.0.0
V MacKenzie of Fairburn Kenlochbenchran and others in Strathconan £668.0.0
Alness Parish
VI Matheson of Ardross vice Munro of Lealty Lealty £30.0.0
RossKeen Parish
VII Matheson of Ardross vice Rose of Glastullich Part of Culrain formerly retained by George Munro of Culrain per Decreet of splitting of 10th June 1818 £141.9.6
NonyKiln under deduction of the pendicle of Cuilichnakuile per Decreet 6th October 1810 £71.12.0
[VII Total] £213.1.6
Kilmuir Easter
VIII Matheson of Ardross vice McLeod of Cadboll Little Delny £42.2.7
Mains of Meikle Delny £113.1.5
Trans [Transported i.e. carry forward] £155.4.0
Kilmuir Easter Contd. [Continued]
Matheson of Ardross vice Macleod of Cadboll Brought forwd. £155.4.0
Aansalloch and Ballarach £38.16.0
McCuldonich's and MacLespecK's Parks £41.19.6
Finlay Uins Lands £14.0.6
[VIII Total] £250.0.0
RossKeen Parish
Matheson of Ardross vice MacLeod of Cadboll Part of the lands of ReisKmore being part of the lands of RossKeen £11.7.9
Kilmuir Easter
Matheson of Ardross vice Ogilvy of Corriemony Wester Pollo and Balintraid £175.0.0

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[Page] 19d
Dingwall 18th April 1865 Extracted by me Si Mackenzie Clerk of Supply of Rossshire

Transcriber's notes

This is the second and third of three pages comprising an extract from the Valuation Roll of the County of Ross dated 18th April 1865. It does not purport to list all the proprietors/lands in each parish named.

A fourth column which repeats the third column valuation except where one proprietor owns more than one property in a parish, in these, the total is entered on a new line

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