Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Kintail Parish - Continued.
Matheson Esq, Ardross M.P. Cordoen £74.10.6
Wester Killilan £85.14.6
Letter Inver £27.7.101/2
Lochievorgan and Leanich £13.0.10
Achigarigan, deducting Freugh Corrie £64.19.1
Camusluinie £150.0.0
Dornie £111.16.2
Wester Keppoch £22.7.3
Freugh Corrie £8.1.10
Easter Keppoch £33.10.10
Leault £44.14.6
Carr £68.18.11
Bundalloch £55.18.9
Killery and Wester Mamaig £102.9.10
Inverinate Easter InverinateMill and half of Salmon Fishings £265.13.10
Wester Inverinate £85.14.4
Ruarach and Kirkton £137.12.1
Easter Mamaig £26.1.9
[Sub Total] £1587.18.6
Seaforth Half of Fishing of Croe £5.13.5
Total valuation of the Parish of Kintail as rectified by Decreet of splitting on 11th October. 1825 £1916.11.11

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This page is a typewritten later insert into the original volume in four columns, so does not fit in to the standard transcription three column format, the Valuations are entered in a single column with [Total] headings to identify the various Items
Total Valuation includes £322.10.0 carried over from page 19a
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