Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Kiltearn Parish
Sir Hugh Munro of Fowlis Bart. [Baronet] One Division of Fowlis £435.2.0
Another Division of Fowlis £420.0.0
Drummond £150.0.0
Balcladdich £20.0.0
Limlair £324.0.0
Arduillie £60.0.0
Wester Fowlis £336.7.6
Teanaird £34.0.0
Culnaskeath £33.10.0
Kiltearn vice Alexander Munro £84.12.0
Part of the same vice Swordle £47.8.0
Pailaig £82.10.0
Milntown £78.0.0
Other Lands in vice of Swordle £34.0.0
Colin MacKenzie of Mountgerald Clynes £383.10.0
Mrs. Grieve McKenzie of Inchcoulter Balcony £341.0.0
Duncan Munro of Culcairn Culcairn Newton & others £115.0.0
Teanrivan £88.0.0
Henry Davidson of Tulloch Killochoan £82.10.0
Total in this Parish £3149.9.6
Kincardine Parish
Sir Charles Ross Bart. [Baronet] His Lands £940.0.0
Sir Hector Munro K.B. [Knight of the Bath] Culrain & others £202.15.0
Achnagart £100.0.0
William Robertson of Kindeace Glencalvie Easter Gruinord and others £108.13.4
Charles Ross of Invercharron Invercharron £95.6.8
Munro Ross of Pitcalny Amat £50.0.0
Corriemuillie £50.0.0
Lord AnKerville Dibidil £35.0.0
Hugh Ross of Gladfield Salachie and others £35.0.0
David Ross of Millcraig Garvery £34.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £1650.15.0

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