Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
Lord Blythswood [continued from page 6] pounds £12.0.0
Lord Blythswood Portnals Two acres Six pounds and thirteen shillings and four pence £6.13.4
Sum Total of Inchinnan £2398.13.4
Valuation of the parish of Innerkip
Vide Allocation p. [page] 35 Sir Michael Stewarts lands and Teinds including Twenty five pounds scots of Creswalls valuation Two thousand three hundred and Sixty four pounds ten shillings £2364.10.0
Harland & Wolff Ld. [Limited] & others Sir Archibald Stewarts lands of Finnert six hundred pounds £600.0.0
The Lands of Kelly One hundred and twenty pounds £120.0.0
Vide Allocation p. [page] 35 Creswals Lands deduced as above ninety two pounds and ten shillings £92.10.0
Sum Total of Innerkip £3177.0.0
Valuation of the parish of Kilbarchan
Vide Allocn. [Allocation] of lands of Torr P [Page] 35 £260.0.0 Scots Vide Allocn. [Allocation] of lands of Craigends p. [page] 63 £445.0.0 Vide Allocn. [Allocation] of lands of Locherside & ors. [others] P. [Page] 89 £833.6.8 [Total] £1538.6.8 Craigends lands of Craigend Tors Botston and Clippens One thousand five hundred and thirty eight pounds six shillings and eight pence £1538.6.8
Vide Allocation P. [Page] 34 Duke of Hamilton & Others The Lands of Auchnames and Teinds Eight hundred and Seventy [continued on page 8]

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Inchinnan Continued

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