Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
The park set to Allan Stewart Eight pounds £8.0.0
Burnbrae Eight pounds eighteen shillings and three pence £8.18.3
Coal Acre park Old garden and ground round the same Eighteen pounds one shilling and seven pence £18.1.7
Mill of Fulwood Damhead park paws & Meadows and Millholm fifty eight pounds four shillings and two pence £58.4.2
Lonehead park Sixteen pounds five shillings and four pence £16.5.4
Blairock Ninety four pounds five shillings & seven pence £94.5.7
Ramothshields & part of Blackburn Sixty one pounds one Shilling £61.1.0
And those parts of the lands and Barony of Fulwood set to John Spiers One hundred and five pounds one shilling £105.1.0
[Total] £726.13.4
Parish of Kilbarchan
The Valuation of the lands of Craigends, Craigends mains Nethercraigends, Aikens Rywraiths Boolston and Clippens in the parish of Kilbarchan which are valued in Cumulo at Four hundred and fourty five pounds was by Decreet of the Commissioners of Supply dated the seventh day of August Seventeen hundred and Eighty one proceeding upon the petition of Alexander Cunninghame Esquire of Craigends Subdivided in manner following Vizt £445.0.0
Clydesdale Bank Clippens Twenty six pounds thirteen shillings & four pence £26.13.4
The lands of Craigends Ninety seven pounds nineteen shillings and three pence £97.19.3
The lands of Nether Craigends One hundred and twenty one pounds seventeen shillings and three pence (Ch. P. S. [Charter Precept of Sasine] William Cunningham Whits [Whitsuntide] 1844) £121.17.3
The lands of Ryewraiths exclusive of Clippens Sixty six pounds eight shillings & eleven pence £66.8.11

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