Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
Vide Allocation p. [page] 57 Colonel McDowalls lands of Castlesemple One thousand and fourty seven pounds sixteen shillings and eight pence £1047.16.8
Vide Allocation P. [Page] 70 Henry McDowall & Ors. [Others] Alexander Hamilton his lands of Barr six hundred pounds £600.0.0
Vide Allocation P. [Page] 69 Gavin and Risk Five hundred and Sixteen pounds thirteen shillings and fourpence £516.13.4
Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart Bt [Baronet] Achinbathie Wallace four hundred pounds £400.0.0
J & J McCosh, Solicitors, Dalry Achinbathie Blair Three hundred and eighty three pounds six shillings and eight pence £383.6.8
Sir Hugh Shaw Stewart Bt [Baronet] Achingaune Stewart three hundred and sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence £366.13.4
Francis Erskine Vincent and his Disponees also for Little Corsefoord £25.0.0 not traced in Roll The Marquis of Clydesdales lands of Corsflat & Corsfoord in this parish Three hundred and fifty two pounds three shillings and four pence £352.3.4
Robert Reid, writer, Johnstone Beltrees Three hundred pounds £300.0.0
Mrs. Kennedy Cochrane-Patrick Ralston of that Ilk his lands of Auchingaune Ralston Two hundred and ninety three pounds six shillings and eight pence £293.6.8
Mrs. Kennedy Cochrane-Patrick Boydstoun a feu thereof fourty pounds £40.0.0
Henry Macdowall of Garthland Craigmures lands of Hallhill Achingeoch and Burnside One hundred and thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence £133.6.8
Mr Shand Harvey of Castle Semple Corsford Tenants One hundred pounds now known as Mistylaw Muir £100.0.0
Trs [Trustees] of R. K. Holmes-Kerr Lochhead and Easter Carse One hundred and thirty five pounds £135.0.0
Sum Total of Lochquinoch £6792.6.8

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Loquhinnoch Continued

[signed] John Maxwell Clerk

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