Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
No. on Roll. Lands. Valuation. Scots. Net Cess at £1.6.1d [penny] per £100.0.0 Valuation.
69. Greenock Lands (altered in pencil to "Lands of Greenock, feuduties and teinds") £1933. 6. 8 £25.4.3
95. Lands and Teinds (Added in pencil "including part of Creswalls") £2304.10.0 £30.1.1¼
Marginal addition in pencil: -
Blackhall's lands and teinds with the Teinds of Kelly and Lunderston and the teinds allocated to the Minister £1747.10.0
Blackhall's lands of Lavan Auchenfour and Teinds £500.0.0
The Goodwife of Flatterstoun's rent £32.0.0
Chryswall's rent £25.0.0
[Total] £2304.10.0
96. Lunderstane. £50.0.0 £0.13.½
Greenock Parish:-
Innerkip Parish:-

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Excerpts from Old Valued Rent Roll
for the County of Renfrew in possession
of County Clerk, Paisley.

[Written below Lunderstane]
Marginal addition in ink:-
Note: Mr Seile, Factor and Com-
missioner at Ardgowan wrote on
6th october, 1890 that he had
discovered the correct old val-
uation of Inverkip Parish or at
least that adopted by the heri-
tors and that it was as follows:-
Ardgowan -- £2342.0.0
Gourock -- £600.0.0
Langhouse -- £102.10.0
Kelly -- £105.0.0
Wemyss Bay -- £15.0.0
Lunderston -- £12.10.0
[Total] -- £3177.0.0
While the total agrees, the details
do not, with the old Valuation Book.
"James Caldwell"
"County Clerk".

[Left Margin]
In which is included
Valuations of Kirklands
of Mearns. Inverkip
Deduct for
Christimull [muir]
part of Ladylore

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