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We the foresaid three Commissioners, and Clerk
of Supply of the Shire of Perth do hereby Certify
That the foregoing three pages contains a just and
exact abstract of the Valued Rents of the Lands
in the several Parishes within the County of
Perth Amounting in whole (including the Value of
Rent of the Lands of Balnacraig in the Parish
of Kirkmichael, which are not known, And the
Valued Rents of the Lands of Lethendy, in the
Parish of Scone Mortified to King James the
Sixth's Hospital in Perth, for which no Cess
has been paid in the Memory of Man) to the
Sum of Three hundred and thirty nine Thousand
Eight hundred and ninety two pounds, six shillings
and one penny scots, as stated in our Docquet
of this date, wrote upon the Eighty ninth page
of this Book Witness our Hands At Perth
the twenty second day of November in the Year
One thousand and eigth hundred and two.
[Signed] James Chalmers James Sharp James Richardson James Paton Clk [Clerk] of Supply

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