Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Meigle Parish Scots
Alexander Nairne Esq Drumkilba £1100.0.0
Patrick Murray of Simprim Barony of Fullarton £1200.0.0
Patrick Murray of Simprim Potento £424.13.4
Patrick Murray of Simprim Patrick Ogilvy's Lands £50.0.0
Late Lord Privy Seals Heirs Myreside £91.7.10
Late Lord Privy Seals Heirs Broomends £29.5.11
Late Lord Privy Seals Heirs Dyketown £56.14.1
Late Lord Privy Seals Heirs Parts of Camno £432.5.6
Lord Privy Seals Heirs Kirkhill & Balmacroon wt [with] Bishops Feu £597.10.6
J Ramsay Lamy Esq Chapleton £140.0.0
Patrick Maxwell Esq Balmyle £507.6.8
William Mustard Feu of part of Potento £32.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £4661.17.2
Methven Parish
Mr Duncan's Trustees Tippermallo £483.6.8
Mr Duncan's Trustees Bullhill £17.15.0
Colonel Thomas Graham Balgowan £1374.6.8
Colonel Thomas Graham Drumdewan £299.6.8
Colonel Thomas Graham Lednock £146.13.4
Miss Oliphant Bachilton £817.16.0
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven Eastern Arditie £80.0.0
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven Methven £2654.6.2
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven Mr Mair's lands £58.4.0
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven John Wilsons lands £6.0.0
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven Moncrieff's lands £1.15.6
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven James Proudfoot's lands £16.13.4
Honble [Honourable] Lord Methven David Miller Junr's [Junior's] lands £25.0.0
Taylor Incorporated of Perth Half of Campsie £60.0.0
Miss Mercer of Aldie Tullibeagles £278.0.0
Andrew Kemp Feu in Methven £8.13.4
Antiburgher Congregation Feu in Methven £3.11.2
Thomas Pearson Feu in Methven £25.0.0
John Cuthbert Feu in Methven £9.0.0
Lawrence Miller Feu in Methven £3.0.0
Mr John Wilson Feu in Methven £6.0.0
William Stwart Feu in Methven £5.16.8
David Miller 1/5 of Arditie Birsletone £20.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £6400.4.6

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