Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Cluny Parish Scots
David Kinloch Esq Gourdie £1943.0.0
James Keay of Snaigo Easter Tillyneidie £219.0.3
Heirs of Mr Mercer of Lethendy Part of Wester Tullyneidie £75.6.2
Heirs of Mr Mercer of Lethendy Scroggiehill £66.13.4
William Elder of Forneth Drumfin £77.9.8
William Elder of Forneth Blackloaning etc £265.5.4
William Elder of Forneth Logie Husband £117.15.6
William Elder of Forneth Over & Wester Forneth £130.10.0
Adam Freer Esq Easter Essendy £230.0.0
Adam Freer Esq Scroggiehill Feu duty £10.0.0
Mr Mackenzie of Delvin Aikenhead, Burnside & Gourdie Stewarts Lands £579.0.0
Honble [Honourable] David Ogilvy Clunie £732.2.4
Andrew Bullions Wester Milntown £93.6.8
Robert Robertson of Tullibelton Wester Essendy £75.0.0
David Kinloch of Gourdie Newmiln £77.15.6
John McRitchie Craigton £52.0.0
Duke of Atholl Laichwood Park £213.6.8
Duke of Atholl Leduckie Laichwood etc £325.6.8
Duke of Atholl Birkenhills £22.0.0
Duke of Atholl Miln of Laichwood £100.0.0
William Elder Esq Knockend, pt [part] of Tullineidy £94.11.5
Total Valuation of this Parish £3750.12.6
Crieff Parish
Alexander Riddoch Esq Croftnappoch £22.0.0
John McCurrick Croftweet £18.0.0
Alexander McLaren Pittenzie, wt [with] Perths Feu £196.0.0
Anthony Maxton Esq Cultoquhey £97.0.0
Sir Patrick Murray Bt [Baronet] Callander £280.0.0
Anthony Murray of Crieff Dullary £182.0.0
David Drummond Esq Pittentian £229.14.0
Honble [Honourable] Miss Drummond Milnab £904.0.0
Andrew Bayne Milnhills £19.15.9
Miss Preston Campbell Wester Currievecter £279.0.0
Miss Preston Campbell Easter Currriedvecter £171.0.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esq Dowald £186.0.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esq Dalpatrick Miln, Miln lands of Dornich & Few at Bridgend £180.2.7
Alexander McLaren Broich, & part of Bridgend £78.1.8
Duke of Atholl Glenalmond £787.0.0
Anthony Murray Esq Crieff £126.0.0
Miss Preston Campbell Fernton £122.0.0
George Grame Esq Inchbrachie £140.0.0
Peter McCaulay Half of Kincardine £59.10.0
Mr John Campbell Half of Kincardine £59.10.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £4136.14.0

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