Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Caputh Parish Scots
William Bissett & heirs of Mr Mercer of Lethendy Meikle Fardell £193.6.8
William Bissett Mucklaree, wt [with] Eccles Feu £164.11.8
David Kinloch of Gourdie Craigie wt [with] Prebendary duty £345.0.0
Majr John Drummond South Bandirran £178.0.0
William Bissett Miln of Muchlarie £23.16.8
Sir George Stewart Dalbeathy etc £278.12.4
Robert Robertson of Tullibelton Drumelie £82.0.0
John Hagart of Cairnmuir John Thompson's lands £20.0.0
John Brodie Part of Nether Kincairney £35.0.0
Mungo Murray Esq Kincairney, wt [with] Prebendary duty £201.0.0
James Bissett Part of Nether Kincairney £25.0.0
John Kea Part of Nether Kincairney £16.0.0
Joseph Slater Part of Nether Kincairney £5.0.0
John Scott Eastern Logie £80.0.0
James Keay Esq Snaigo & MeikleCult £155.13.4
William Elder Esq Logie Husband £84.9.0
Patrick Campbell of Auchallader Meadows of Chapleton £80.11.0
Duke of Atholl Haughhead £83.0.0
Duke of Atholl Arnagag £48.6.8
Archibald Douglas Robert Mann's lands £14.6.8
Duke of Atholl Charles Stewarts lands £10.0.0
Duke of Atholl & Revd. [Reverend] Duncan Stewart Rymore & Riechip £100.0.0
Duke of Atholl Drumbuie £145.0.0
William Lindsay Middle Gormock £47.13.4
Dr. [Doctor] Joseph Robertson West Gormock £94.13.4
Alexander Stewart Esq Stenton £141.0.0
Mr Mckenzie of Delvin Western Caputh £136.13.4
Mr Mckenzie of Delvin Delvin including Fardle £2352.2.0
Mr Mckenzie of Delvin Boat of Caputh £54.0.0
Mr Mckenzie of Delvin Easter Caputh £297.18.0
Mr Mckenzie of Delvin Gourdie Stewart's lands £15.12.8
Mr Menzies of Culdairs Fordie £416.0.0
Patrick Campbell of Auchallader Middle Cairns £110.0.0
Carried forward £6034.6.8
Caputh Parish Continued
Brot [brought] forward £6034.6.8
Miss Mercer Elphinston Hallhall £103.6.8
Miss Mercer Elphinston Meikleour £940.0.0
Miss Mercer Elphinston Littleour £150.0.0
Miss Mercer Elphinston Boat of Windege £45.0.0
Husband Cairns £19.13.4
Duke of Atholl Part of Cardneys £91.0.0
John Leslie Part of Cardneys £45.0.0
Thomas Rattray Esq Craigton of Dalrubzian £105.0.0
John Hagart Esq Cairnmuir £334.0.0
John Hagart Esq Joseph Chalmer's lands £30.0.0
Mr Mckenzie of Delvin 3/4 of John Meikie's lands £15.0.0
William Young 1/4 of John Meikie's lands £5.0.0
Thomas Man & John Kea Half of Hillhead £75.0.0
James Clrk Half of Hillhead £63.6.8
Alexander Stewart of Stenton John Mann's lands £64.0.0
Sir George Stewart Prebendary of Fungorth £82.0.0
Duke of Atholl His Lands £513.16.8
Duke of Atholl Mucklies lands £424.0.0
Mr Mckenzie of Delvin Stralochie £86.13.4
Part of Cardneys £143.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £9369.3.4

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