Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Patrick Moig £6.7.0
Mr Thomas Edmond £13.15.0
Patrick Grant of Bonhard £200.6.8
for Spoutwalls £91.10.0
for Packmiln £92.5.0
Andrew Edmond. £4.1.0
James Jack. £7.15.0
Andrew Blairs pt [part] of Lethindie. £70.15.0
John Patullo for his pt. [part] of Kinnochtrie. £44.13.4
for George Campbells Lands. £314.0.0
Alexander Bell for half of Walkmiln £4.12.0
David Grant [e] for Lympotts £92.1.0
Mr Patrick Couper. £4.1.0
Alexander Aire & James Couper for their Lands here and Kinnoul paroch. £52.16.8
James Broun for Chaplehill. £138.6.8
Patrick Walkers relict for Walkmyln £32.0.0
Andrew Coupar £72.2.4
for Ardgilzian £93.3.4
James Butters Lands belonging to the Hospital of Perth, exempted from Supply conform to the Act of Parliament of Valued rent 152 lib [pounds] 10 s. [shillings]
Kinnoull paroch
Kinfauns for ½ of Inchyra & prior Lands. £548.10.0
Laird of Ballthyock. £500.0.0
Murrayshall for Ballhagills and Ballbeigy £300.0.0
Baillie Lamb. £67.18.10
for a part of James Spence Lands. £116.13.4
John Mckies heirs for Tarsappies Aikers £37.0.0
James Johnston for a pt [part] of John Soutars lands. £19.6.8
David Johnston for the other half. £19.6.8
Mr John Sibbalds aikers £40.0.0
Patrick Davidson. £22.5.2
Alexander Miller for Ballbeigy. £45.0.0
John Rutherfoord younger £8.18.0
Inchyra for the half of Inchyra. £500.0.0
William Manies heirs £13.6.8
Arnbathie £60.0.0
for Duncrubs few £4.0.0
John Drysdale mercht [merchant] in perth £8.18.0
John Young £24.16.4
for Mercers Lands. £153.6.8
Spence Lands. £45.4.8
Barnhill. £607.6.8
Viscount of Dupplin £1570.13.4
[right hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Robert Dalgleish £8.18.0
John Wilson £6.13.4
John Rutherfoord £6.13.4
Gilbert Lamb £12.0.0
John pouries heirs £8.18.0
Kinfauns paroch
Kinfauns for Kinfauns and Fishings yrof. [thereof] £1138.6.8
for the Laidies Lifrent Lands. 900£ [pounds] £900.0.0
Segyden. 897£ [pounds] £897.13.4
Sir John Murray, for Glendook. 1000 lib. [pounds] £1000.0.0
Mr James Murray for Glencarse 1679 lib. [pounds] 6sh [shillings] 8d. [pence] £1676.6.8
For Panshill and Pitlowie £326.6.8
Summa of the Valued Rent of Kinfauns paroch is Fyve Thousand nine hundred thirty eight pounds three shill: [shillings] four d [pence] inde br [breviter]
Kilspindy paroch
Innernyties Lands £1210.0.0
Laird of Evilick 2339.13.4
Lord Stormonts Teinds. £86.13.4
Kilspindie £1050.0.0
Balthyock for Over durdie £167.0.0
Arnbathie £100.0.0
Sir David Threapland. £1440.0.0
Abernethy paroch
John Burt for Gatoway £125.16.0
Colforgy £713.6.8
John Oliphant of Cairie £215.19.0
John Arnot of pitgrunzies. £145.13.4
for Balmanno's teind. £13.6.8
Rossie Cheap for Easter Cluny £260.0.0
for Mugdrum Inch £26.6.8
William Hardie for a part of Drummonds Land. £16.0.10
William Williamson for a part of Drummonds Lands £6.8.8
Pitblea. £49.6.8
Laird of Carpow £600.0.0
for Nether Aberargy £233.6.8
for Balmannos teind £8.0.0
Sir John Murray Aberargie £1090.0.0
Laird of Balmeady for the Lands of Potie £300.0.0

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