Proprietor and land Valuation
Evan Mcgrigor for Gray of Wariststonne £260.11.4
James Law of Hillhousefield 270lib [Pounds] 13ss [Shillings] 8d [Pennies] for James Davidsone 26lib [Pound] And for James Elder 13lib [£13.0.0] Inde £309.14.8
Captain Alexander Hendersone £169.4.0
Alexander Willsone £21.3.4
Maurice Trent for Bosswells heir £110.0.0
Mr James Pillhomes heirs £77.7.0
Henry Wilkie £15.13.4
Pilrig Aikers £31.6.8
Thomas Storie for Thomas Crawfoord £4.17.0
Gilbert Hay £4.17.0
Catharine Carrell for Robert Lylle £5.16.0
Walter Duncan £11.0.0
James Hunter £15.13.4
Isobell Lylle £12.13.4
Captaine John Broune £50.0.0
Widow Wardlaw £28.0.0
John Farquhar £7.0.0
The Carters of Leith for James Calder £5.0.0
George Dallas of St Martines £8.0.0
Walter Stewart £8.0.0
James Sutherland £6.0.0
William Nisbet £6.0.0
Thomas Whyte £5.0.0
Mr Henry Auldcornes heirs £28.0.0
John Martine £10.0.0
Andrew Walker £10.0.0
South Leith
Lord Balmurnoch £2600.0.0 And for William Fairly 605lib [Pound] 15ss [Shilling] which last soume belongs to £2600.0.0
Alexander Elphinstoune of Coattfield £605.15.0
Craigintinnie 1817lib [Pound] 2sh. [Shilling] Divided thus
Craigintinnie his pairt of [three] a third £1211.8.0
Mr Andrew Massie on third pairt £605.14.0
Mr John Purves 422lb [Pound] 12ss [Shilling] And for William Ross 36lb [Pound] 14ss [Shilling] 8d inde £459.7.4
John Watsone of Dunikeir £62.11.0

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Valuatione of the Shireffdome
of Edinburgh is as followes

[Signed] R Thomsone

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